The principle of small-sized home decoration has long known…..

In the face of rising societies, large-sized space makes people discouraged, and many consumers turn to small units. The size of the small apartment is relatively small, and it will cost less. However, if the house is bought well, the small-sized family decoration becomes a more troublesome problem. How to decorate in a limited space is better? The small-family home decoration principle has long known that you have a stylish, convenient, comfortable and warm home environment. The following is a detailed introduction to the principle of small-sized home decoration. I hope everyone can decorate in a small-sized space. It helps. Fourth, the storage design is mainly based on people, and the storage is supplemented by

1. Small-sized decoration Design should be people-oriented, supplemented by furniture storage;

2, space limitations, small units do not have too many places to place too many items, should be easy to move around, easy to take;

3, The sofa can be used not only as a bed, but also as a locker at the bottom of the sofa;

4, small-sized owners on the wall Doing storage cabinets is a common practice and a space-saving use trick;

5, embedded storage principle and on the wall The board storage is almost the same, and it is also cleverly placed on the wall with embedded storage space, which can also be used as a boutique display.

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