The price of wood flooring is lower than that of floor tiles.

Recently, many wood flooring experts expressed the feeling that the price of wood flooring is actually lower than that of floor tiles, and it is a strange thing to sell other products in the wood industry.

Wood flooring prices sell lower than floor tiles, which is a strange thing. Because it is environmentally friendly, the wooden floor is not worse than the floor tiles and marble; on the comfort of the foot, the wooden floor can be said to be the most ideal. A 10 square meter floor panel can be used to make a wardrobe, which can be sold for 20,000 yuan; and the price of 10 square meters of wood flooring is only about 2,000 yuan. If the price of wood flooring is calculated, it will not sell the price of some vegetables.

Why is the price of wooden flooring so low? Nearly a thousand brands of tens of millions of square meters of wooden flooring ‘沤’ together to kill, this is the main reason for the price of wood flooring is lower than the floor tiles.

The number of wooden flooring manufacturers in the country has grown rapidly. Almost every month, new brands have emerged. The surface seems to be booming, but behind it is the price of wood flooring to pull customers, and then dumping inferior products to save lives. In the end, if the complaint is more than support, it will be closed. In fact, many wood flooring companies have not carried out market research and will be launched. The market supply exceeds demand, quantity increases and falls. For the sake of profit, some small manufacturers’ products will inevitably be shoddy, cut corners, and will also cause harm to consumers. Experts predict that as the industry squeezes forward, there are currently nearly 2,000 large and small wooden floor production enterprises in the country. After fifteen or twenty years, there will be only a few dozen. At that time, the market will be able to develop in a healthy way.

The overall improvement in the wood flooring market in February 2011 is a welcome sign for the industry. However, the overall sales of wood flooring has once again entered a low tide. If consumers are ready to decorate their houses, the price of wood flooring is undoubtedly more cost-effective.

Release date: 2012/2/3 11:51:31

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