The price of raw materials is rising. The kitchen and bathroom industry is facing “challenge”.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of raw materials has only increased, the supply price of upstream accessories for kitchen appliances has increased, and the pressure from many parties has led to a significant increase in costs. Hundreds of brands related to kitchen appliances have repeatedly sent letters to the channel to raise prices, but behind it is The resistance of the channel, the retail market in the terminal market is sluggish, on the other hand, the brand concentration is getting stronger and stronger, and many dealers choose light inventory, especially for durable consumer goods such as kitchen appliances.

Many foundries, due to rising raw material prices, the other end of the channel orders in advance, signed a foundry agreement, to the original meager The processing plant has brought a huge crisis, and many factories have closed down due to pressure. All kinds of phenomena have forced the industry to reshuffle.

50% of kitchen and bathroom appliances listed above have been eliminated

The kitchen appliance industry is facing increasing pressure on business, on the one hand, e-commerce rushing, and on the other hand, industrial and commercial On the one hand, the industry’s entry threshold is becoming more and more stringent. What’s more important is that the country will eliminate backward production capacity and upgrade the consumer products. The products with low quality and low-end technology will definitely be eliminated.

In terms of e-commerce, the sales scale of home appliances has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% per year, especially for first-line professional brands and diversified home appliance brands. Online prices have been lowered overall, facing online channel retail prices. Transparency, the industry as a whole is caught in a business crisis.

Even diversified home appliances brands frequently appear, 900 wide side smoking machine + embedded tempered glass cooker, the entire official flagship store retail price of 899 yuan, this price system is not for dealers, is manufacturing Business is also a provocation. The price wars caused by e-commerce in kitchen and bathroom appliances have repeatedly been repeated and intensified.

Business and industry are severely attacked. The impact is not only counterfeit and inferior. For the industry as a whole, it is a strict constraint. Previously, there was frequent news that a well-known brand was not qualified. Under this trend, small and medium-sized brands The independent strength is not strong, or a large number of brands are out of the game, especially in the context of illegal or unqualified punishment.

The industry’s entry barriers are gradually improving. The first thing that brings brand pressure is the pressure of cost, and more importantly, the transparency of product data functions. The energy efficiency of the range hood reaches level 2 and above. Products, gas cooker three-level energy efficiency up to 2 levels of energy-saving products, the entry barriers to improve the overall configuration of the industry, the overall price rise, the tremendous pressure on small and medium-sized brands is the focus.

In the context of the country’s elimination of backward production capacity and upgrading of consumer goods, the first-line and professional professional quality brands are upgrading and transforming not only the further upgrade of products, but also the upgrading of advanced marketing and huge marketing expenses. And the construction of talent team is the biggest injury in the whole industry, and there is an extreme shortage of professionals.

60% of sanitary ware brands are unable to return to the sky

Prior to the Henan region, 8 sanitary ceramics companies were strictly protected by environmental protection, with an annual output of about 4 million sanitary ceramics. As of July 21, 禹More than half of the enterprises in the city’s sanitary ware enterprises have entered the state of suspension of production due to environmental protection.

A large number of sanitary ware brands have been eliminated. The above is only part of it. For most sanitary ware enterprises, the same environmental crisis is facing now. The news about the sanitary products in various regions has been reported. The bathroom company has announced that it has closed down and closed its doors.

There are thousands of kitchen and bathroom appliances brands and thousands of sanitary brands in all walks of life, but there are only a few dozen real names, which is also for professionals. Fortunately, well-known brands may have only a single digit.

On the one hand, the demand for the industry is insufficient. With the popularization of hardcover real estate, the sales of e-commerce are advancing by leaps and bounds. The small and medium-sized enterprises are facing serious crisis. The backward production capacity is continuously hit. 50% of the kitchen and bathroom appliances brands have been eliminated this year. 60% of the brand is out of power. The future of the future hopes that more kitchen and bathroom dealers will survive.

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