The Palestinian president said there is no need to divide Jerusalem.

China News Service, February 17th Comprehensive foreign media reported that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on the 16th that Palestine and Israel do not need to divide Jerusalem. He believes that Palestine and Israel can establish a joint institution to jointly manage it.

On the 16th, Abbas met with about 250 Israeli students in his official residence on the West Bank, saying he hoped Jerusalem would remain open. Therefore, he does not want Palestine and Israel to separate Jerusalem. He believes that both Palestine and Israel can establish a coordinating body to jointly manage Jerusalem.

Abbas said that Palestine will establish a Jerusalem municipal administration like Israel, and the two sides will establish a high-level institution to coordinate management affairs.

Abbas also said that there is no other solution in the Palestinian-Israeli area other than peace.

In 1967, Israel occupied eastern Jerusalem and declared it a single and indivisible capital, but it was not recognized by the international community. The Palestinians have been asking Israel to return to East Jerusalem as the capital of its own country.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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