The new trend of “China’s furniture consumption demand big data” industry

   Recently, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and Baidu released “China Furniture Consumption Demand Big Data”, decoding home through crowd portraits, search paths, and search hotspots. Consumers’ attention objects, concerns and consumer blind spots and other trillions of search behaviors, mining consumer demand labels, trying to help enterprises accurately locate, leading the multi-dimensional development of furniture manufacturing. The release of the big data results revealed a new trend in the industry: the connotation of quality is deeper, and the extension of quality is broader.
   According to big data, the search volume of comprehensive brands, custom brands and single product brands in the furniture industry brand market in 2016 It has increased by 23.7%, 23.4% and 45.5%. Whether it is after 70, 80 or 90, the attention to the brand is more prominent. The search volume of keywords such as “Brand List” is not small. Some people said that most of the furniture is durable goods, which is very value-oriented, and the choice of a good brand is that the quality is relatively guaranteed.

  With the rapid development of the Internet, consumers have more access to information, from the perspective of search behavior, furniture Consumers will take the initiative to thoroughly understand the brand, material, style and other information before buying, more involved in the identification of product quality, quality awareness continues to increase, which requires companies must pay attention to product quality, to create a trump card.

   Insiders pointed out that the furniture industry is currently at the key point of transformation and upgrading, through the collection of big data and The application of communication channels between industry and consumers is conducive to promoting the industry to pay more attention to basic research while paying attention to design and market volume, focusing on consumer demand, improving quality and efficiency, and realizing industrial transformation.

  In terms of furniture materials, particleboard processing performance is better, the current use range is wider, to 37.8% The percentage has become the most popular furniture material for consumers; in addition, with its strong, moisture-proof and “zero formaldehyde emission” advantages, Hexiang board has also received attention from consumers in recent years, accounting for 18.4%, and has a yearly rising trend. Moreover, with the promotion of strong brands such as the whole house customization, the awareness of this material has been continuously improved, and the attention of Hexiang board has been increasing year by year, which shows the importance of product environmental protection to consumers.

   In the purchase mode, the threshold for customization is higher, 42.6% of consumers tend to be partial Customization; the whole house customization model accounted for 26.1%, although the mainstream has not formed, but the “full house customization” keyword in Baidu’s overall search index has reached 850, and from 2015 began to show a rapid upward trend, can be predicted, with consumption The awareness of the whole house customization has been continuously strengthened, and the model will be further popularized and ushered in better development.

  In terms of factors affecting consumers’ purchase of furniture, the price factor is affected by a 22% share. The biggest factor in consumer purchases shows that most consumers prefer to start from the actual economic situation, and the price/performance ratio is still the main weight of the purchase.

  (Source: Consumer Daily)

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