The mural thought became the fashion decoration in the subway car

Create beautiful mural ideas and take the Amsterdam subway train to the murals of underwater marine life on the big wall. The idea of ​​artistic murals has achieved impressive murals for children and trains for residents and visitors to appreciate the fairytale atmosphere.
The modern decorative concept strengthens and the mural art brings mysterious biological and animal life, and the blue-green sea water in the space enters the train. The murals painted by talented artists give the interior a great inspiration, especially the murals for the children’s bedrooms. The idea of ​​attractive wall decorations, inspired by nature and fairy tales, will help the children and all people relax and appreciate modern art.

Art, unique and delightful wall decoration ideas, creativity and colorful mural art make Everyone smiles and feels good. Amsterdam subway passengers like amazing wall murals and find very attractive interiors for subway trains. They like the surrounded playful image of mermaids, turtles and octopuses, making the walls look interesting and warm. The idea of ​​wall painting, including colorful corals, fish and other real and mysterious marine life, plus blue and green colors, creates a unique mural with modern interiors.
The mural project is part of a subway transformation initiated by the Amsterdam Bus Corporation. Choose a marine inspired picture and artist wall paint color blue, green and purple palette train interior decoration works.

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