The marriage proposal is too excited to lose the ring. The US police “overnight” to find the owner., December 3, according to foreign media reports, a man recently in the United States New York Times Square to propose marriage, accidentally dropped the engagement ring into the fence under the road. The New York police could not contact the owner after they found the ring on the 1st, so they launched on social media & " wanted". After a network sensation, the New York police announced on the 2nd that they had found the couple.

It is reported that the marriage proposal occurred on the evening of November 30. The couple asked the police for help after losing the ring in Times Square. However, the police did not find the ring at first and the two left the scene. On December 1, a special action team sent by the police successfully retrieved the ring and found that no one asked the couple about their name or contact details.

So, the New York police launched a tracing notice on social media, asking netizens to help find the couple. “‘ wanted & rsquo; who lost his fiancee ring in Times Square. “The New York police said in social media,” she promised him, but he was too excited to let the ring fall into the kiln. ”

The police also released a surveillance screen of the two people looking for a ring after the incident, as well as photos of several rings.

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