The layout of the bedside lamp creates a warm atmosphere in the bedroom

To create a good sleeping environment, the lighting problems in the bedroom must not be ignored, especially the bedside lamps. The bedside lamp in the bedroom is both illuminated and decorated, and the lighting should be soft to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. Let’s talk about the layout of the bedroom bedside lamp.
  bedside lamp layout scheme

   bedroom bedside chandelier not only liberates the space on the bedside table, but also enhances the bedroom style if the design is chic. Those chic bedside chandeliers, they are either feminine or masculine, or cute or full of creativity, and the bedroom also shows a different mood with different chandeliers. The design of this bedside landscape combines a lot of natural elements, making bedside tables in a tree shape, and decorating the wall with bamboo fences, fresh and natural.

  bedside lamp layout 2

  The decoration of the bedroom is very important, how to make the bedroom decoration look warm, interesting, delicate The bedroom bedside lamp can make a big difference. The bedroom bedside lamp is a combination of general lighting, partial lighting and decorative lighting. Therefore, the lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm style. The light of the bedside lamp tends to be soft, mainly to meet the psychological state of people at night. The glare of the light will only dispel your drowsiness and make the eyes feel uncomfortable. Generally, the color of the bedside lamp should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc.

  bedside lamp arrangement scheme

  The light of the bedside lamp should be soft, not to say that the brightness is lowered because it is dark Light can cause depression and can damage your vision for people who have a reading habit before going to bed. Compared to the low and remoteness of the desk lamp, the advantage of the bedside wall lamp is that you can place it in the middle of the bed without reading your neck. It is not good to have a cervical vertebra and hurt your eyesight.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

   soft sister bedroom that can be discerned at a glance, wave pillow + gradient sheets, with a glimpse The closed Q-small table lamp is more comfortable than a bright lamp with a large lampshade.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

   small apartment bedroom has no extra space, after placing a large double bed, already There are no extra places to place other furniture. A small bedside table can’t be used to put a traditional bedside lamp, then arrange a bedside chandelier! The small black lamp hangs on the head of the bed, does not take up space, and is a low-key embellishment of this small bedroom.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

  The choice of bedside lamp is generally based on the size of the room, the placement of the furniture, the overall decoration style and Personal needs to determine the type of light. Table lamps are the first choice for most families. The size and number of lamps can be selected according to the size, style, texture or personal preference of the bedside table. They can be placed in a single or symmetric manner.

  bedside lamp layout scheme

  Most people like creative lighting design, but for the conservative overall bedroom style, In the end, you will still choose a well-regulated luminaire. This 80s-style bedroom with an old spotlight is a good choice, with a simple shape and a neat bedroom that complements the warmth of the bedroom.
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