The latest ranking of world-class steel companies’ competitiveness

Industry analysis agency World Steel Dynamics Co., Ltd. recently released the latest ranking of world-class steel companies, and South Korea’s Pohang Steel has been ranked the world’s most competitive for the fourth consecutive year since 2010. Steel company. Compared with 2012, this year’s list of world-class steel companies’ competitiveness rankings has changed slightly, compared with 35 in the previous year. Among them, Australia BlueScope Steel Company has withdrawn from the ranking, and Nippon Steel merged with Sumitomo Metal Industries Co., Ltd. After reducing one, India’s Jingdele Steel and Energy Company was first selected and ranked in the top ten.

World Steel Dynamics has evaluated and published 23 projects, including steel production scale, profitability, technology innovation, bargaining power, cost advantage and financial status, once or twice a year since 2002. Rank of steel enterprise competitiveness. Posco scored high on technical worker proficiency, technological innovation capability, and production of high value-added products. It only scored relatively low on raw materials and energy costs, and downstream business development. Posco topped the list with a weighted average of 7.73. And compared with last year, the gap between the second and the second is further widened. Russia’s Xavier Company and the US Nucor Company ranked second and third.

In the latest ranking, there are 5 finalists in China’s steel companies, namely Baosteel (ranked 11th), Shagang (ranked 22nd), Angang (ranked 28th), and Wuhan Iron and Steel (ranked) 30) and Ma Steel (ranked 33rd). In 2013, China’s highest ranked Baosteel ranked sharply down, and has already withdrawn from the top ten, from the fifth place last year to the 11th place. Other Chinese steel companies also generally perform poorly, basically at the middle and lower reaches, which is related to China Steel. The industry’s overall profitability is relatively low.

It is worth noting that the German ThyssenKrupp company has completed the divestiture of stainless steel assets due to serious losses in its operations, and is striving to sell its American steel assets, and the process of steelmaking is constantly advancing, and its competition The power ranking also fell from the 24th place last year to the 34th place, ranking the last one of the finalists.

ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, is only ranked 26th, down 10th from last year’s 16th. Although no other company can incite its dominance in terms of scale, the competitiveness of a company is obviously not only the scale of production, but the scale is only a relatively important factor. This also shows that the competition of enterprises in today’s world lies in the competition of comprehensive strength, relying on technological innovation ability, cost-cutting ability, etc., and the era of relying on scale to win is obviously gone. This also reminds Chinese steel companies to focus more on innovation rather than simply pursuing scale expansion.

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