The Japanese toilet industry is brewing a “new revolution”

From the moment when Chinese tourists rushed over the sea to buy Japanese toilets, the toilet became the focus of public attention. Now, driven by the smart home boom, the toilet has finally begun its path of change. One day, the toilet will not only be a toilet, but a high-tech product that combines diagnosis and power generation. At present, Japan is brewing such a new revolution.

The so-called “new revolution” “Where is the new?” The world-renowned toilet manufacturer is located in the research institute of Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and has a toilet test that is put into practical use around 2020. product. According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, this seemingly ordinary toilet carries the dream of the Institute’s director, Fukuda Yukihiro, to turn his own toilet into a health clinic. This toilet can understand the health of the intestine by measuring the concentration of specific gases contained in the feces. Fukuda believes that the gas causing fecal odor is closely related to the state of intestinal bacteria. If there are many beneficial bacteria that help digestion and enhance immunity, the gas contained in the stool will be less and will not be stinky. If the intestinal environment is poor and the harmful bacteria that produce toxins become more, it will produce a heavy odor. The data of the contained gas concentration measured by the toilet can be managed through the cloud space. If combined with data obtained from other health devices such as body temperature and blood pressure, it may be used to determine the health of the body. They plan to work with IT and healthcare-related companies to achieve productization.

Researchers at another large Japanese toilet manufacturer have come up with the idea of ​​turning a toilet into a power generation facility. The manufacturer’s R&D staff believes that if a power generator with a small waterwheel is installed in the toilet outlet, the toilet becomes a small “hydroelectric power station”. If the generated amount can be stored in the battery, it can be supplied for a certain period of time in the event of a power outage or the like. The toilet can be used with peace of mind even in an emergency. The company conducted repeated empirical experiments with Northeastern University in Japan. As a result, a 2 watt instantaneous power generation was successfully achieved on the male urinal, and an instantaneous power generation of 1 watt was obtained on the toilet.

A reporter had traveled to a factory in Kitakyushu, a Japanese brand, more than a year ago. In Japan, where machine production has become very popular, journalists have seen another scene in this factory —— many workers are producing toilets. The person in charge of the factory told reporters that in order to produce high-quality toilets, many important processes must be completed by people, and the machines are difficult to handle. There are a variety of toilets in the factory, ranging from pocket toilets to giant toilets for sumo wrestlers.

The Japanese toilet industry is still exploring the possibility of waterless toilets to help agriculture. In Japan, the popularity of toilets washed with warm water is close to 80%. To create new value, you need to integrate technology with new ideas such as health and energy. For example, holding on to the concept of “waterless toilets” was brought to Kenya, Africa. It is said that this is conducive to local agricultural reform.

The so-called waterless toilets are toilet facilities that can be installed and used in areas where infrastructure such as water and electricity is imperfect. A structure separating the solid matter from the urine will be used under the toilet. By separating urine and feces, it is less likely to produce ammonia odor and also make excreta easier to handle. Insufficient food has become a social problem in Kenya. If fertilization can be made into fertilizer, it will help to form stable agricultural production. If you succeed in Kenya, you can promote new business models that are not expected in Japan to developing countries.

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