The interpretation of the strength of the global IP “Panda Cover Bowl”: How do Wenchuang products “selling Meng” and “selling fiercely”?

A thick, round face, two dark circles, a chubby body … … For decades, wherever a giant panda goes, there will be a whirlwind of Panda. With the embarrassing figure and the innate “Meng, the Chinese giant pandas are absorbing all over the world, and at the same time playing the role of “friendship ambassador” in China’s foreign relations, becoming the most recognized Chinese symbol. one.

“ Ten days to open a capital, thousands of households into the drawing. Panda is not only a city representative of Chengdu, but also an important symbol of Tianfu culture. And how to find a suitable carrier, into the Chengdu culture to carry the pandas, this is a sturdy image, to create an emerging city business card, has always been a problem in the cultural and creative industry.

The cultural and creative products based on pandas are numerous in the market, but most of them can only be shaped and cannot carry their true spiritual culture. Nowadays, a “Panda Cover Bowl” on the market has completely stood out in the market of Chengdu Chuangchuang’s Wenchuang products. It will blend together with the famous pandas, Xia Ke and the famous chai master Liao Tianlang. The team has completed this unique and original creative product!

Once the panda cover bowl appears, It has won wide acclaim on the market: “It can represent regional culture, but it is also cute and playful. This is the cultural and creative product that truly inherits Chengdu culture. This is enough “selling the panda cover bowl also naturally has the capital to be able to sell!”

All said “details determine success or failure, and the panda cover bowl is particularly attractive in addition to the shape, the details of the design It is extraordinarily strict. Xia Ke’s interpretation of the creation of the panda cover bowl is really making people clap their hands!

The panda cover bowl, the first solution is the innovative reform of the bowl. In the past, people who drank tea were more for leisure and a way of socializing. Today, people drink more tea and have more psychological needs. More people are trying to understand life. Therefore, the biggest difference between before and after is that the past people’s life rhythm is not so fast, leisurely, brewing, soaking and drinking with both hands, but today’s people are more casual, drinking tea in a relaxed state, hoping to liberate things They are all liberated. At this point of appeal, Mr. Xia Ke created “No cups, no design,” and “swirls.” When drinking water, the air is cooled at the same time. It is not so hot. The bottom is deepened, all open, let the cup insert, calculate the gap, and make it stable. This design can completely liberate the hands, let people open the lid and drink tea with one hand.

Left: Panda Cup; Right: No Cups

The innovation of the bowl is Another inheritance of Chengdu culture, and the intervention of Panda is a revolution in the cultural industry!

Panda is an international business card without doubt, and the precious value of animals is transformed into the preciousness of the city. From the inheritance of culture and customs of living, it has evolved into a representative of local culture. Under such thinking, Xia Ke’s teacher gave birth to the idea of ​​“panda cover bowl”, and incorporated the embarrassing panda image into the deep-covering bowl of tea, creating a cultural and creative product that truly represents Chengdu’s regional culture.

&ldquo The simpler the thing, the easier it is to be passed on, and the simpler the more difficult it is to develop, but the harder it is to do, the simpler the word, the more Xiako teacher has to be the ultimate! So in design, the panda cover bowl The use of the ultimate circle, while giving up the panda’s complicated things, must be abandoned, so the product eventually leaves the most representative ears of the panda, most of the blank content is left to the user to think, rather than indoctrinating Dogmatism, so the panda cover bowl retains creativity, but also leaves room for interaction and doubt.

“The panda cover bowl was born under such a rigorous attitude. From the inside out, from the shallow to the deep, from the complex to the simple, after such a process, it has become a representative. Chengdu can even represent China’s cultural IP, go to the world, let more people see such an ingenious cultural and creative products, and let more people have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture!

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