The Internet of Things is widely used in these areas.

  After mobile internet, information technology enters the era of Internet of Everything, and various device sensors collect data and process it through the cloud, which makes the device have the ability to sense. For example, in the production workshop, it can monitor the operation status of the factory in real time, and independently test the production line. Mechanical anomalies have driven the factory to transform into a smart factory.

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&emsp ;  Internet of Things has become the development direction of information technology, but when it comes to the Internet of Things, the sensor layer must be indispensable. The sensors of “100 million” are embedded in various devices and various corners, such as buildings, bridges, intelligent terminals, and intelligence. Electric meters and various industrial machines, etc., sensors connect people, machines, and data, so that the factory can monitor the operation status of the machine in real time, improve the operation of the production line, improve efficiency, and release potential.

  Smart City

  With the deployment of sensors, the Internet of Things is more widely cited in all walks of life, especially sensors This makes it possible to continuously collect, measure, analyze and optimize the operation of the city department, bringing a comprehensive application of data-driven smart cities, making the city really “smart” and helping to improve the city’s public management capabilities such as transportation and streets. Created a new era of smart cities.

  Smart Home

  The mobile Internet demographic dividend is no longer the global smartphone shipment decline is a reality, and In the context of the Internet of Everything, many mobile phone manufacturers, including Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi, are expanding into more mad areas for consumer electronics, such as intelligent watches and smart speakers, and hope to expand the consumer technology market beyond mobile phones.

  Industrial Internet of Things

  Connecting devices to data and services by deploying various sensors on the Industrial Internet Platform Under the support, manufacturing companies have the ability to conduct insights based on data, and transform manufacturing into digital manufacturing transformation. This transformation has a huge market. According to statistics, China’s industrial Internet market regulation reached 467.7 billion yuan last year, and it is expected to grow to 7000 in 2020. Billion.

  Intelligent Security

  IoT promotes the world into a smart society, accelerating wisdom around the world in the context of the Internet of Things Urban construction has directly promoted the development of the security industry. According to statistics, by 2022, the size of China’s security market will reach trillions.


   Because of the interconnection of all things, massive data will be generated, and the analysis and utilization of data will also be Create more new business opportunities, such as the ability to acquire unlimited data and realize rapid innovation through the deployment of the Internet of Things; for example, after the manufacturing industry has deployed the Internet of Things, it has the ability to acquire data and drive manufacturing upgrades.


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