The implementation rate of affordable housing in Beijing reached 108%

The City Land and Resources Bureau announced yesterday that the Ministry of Land and Resources recently announced the implementation of the land for the security housing project in the central government in 2011. The implementation rate of the affordable housing project in Beijing reached 108%, which became the nation’s early completion and guaranteed security. One of the three provinces and cities that started construction of the project.

According to the city’s annual plan for state-owned construction land, the supply of affordable housing land will be given priority. The city has arranged a total of 2,550 hectares of residential land for this year, including 300 hectares of land for public rental housing, 130 hectares for affordable housing, 200 hectares for price-limited housing, 700 hectares for targeted resettlement houses, and 1,330 hectares of total land for policy housing. The proportion of residential land use in the year exceeded 50%. In addition, this year’s affordable housing land is basically arranged in mature areas such as the new city, close to rail transit stations. In order to facilitate the residents’ lives, some of the social housing communities are also equipped with kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.

In addition to prioritizing the use of affordable housing, the city has also reduced the supply cost of affordable housing through various means to benefit the people. Since the beginning of this year, the city has creatively applied new bidding methods such as land price limit, competitive price, land price limit and competitive housing area when land sales, and achieved good results.

According to the data from the Beijing Land Reserve Management Center website, as of November 8, this year, Beijing’s land transfer revenue reached 89.81 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%. Among them, the land transfer of residential plots reached 36.203 billion yuan, a significant drop of 40.81% year-on-year; however, the total amount of land transfer including commercial properties reached 47.48 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 65.78%.

Release date: 2011/11/10 8:47:18

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