The hot industry encounters the cold market, hindering the development of flooring companies

The time for the development of the flooring industry in China is not short. After nearly 30 years of historical accumulation, the industry as a whole is now mature. However, although the flooring industry is still a hot industry in the current home building materials industry, in recent years, due to the economic environment, the market has gradually become cold. In this context, it is difficult for floor companies to get rid of the dilemma in the cold market, whether it is the transformation of the existing development direction or the upgrading of their own development model. In the current floor market, what is the ‘stubborn disease’ on the road of floor enterprise development?

Affected by the national macro economy, the overall situation of the flooring industry in 2014 was not satisfactory. In recent years, after the baptism of the Internet tide such as e-commerce, the O2O model has become the new darling of the floor enterprises in the cold market, but the floor enterprises that have really developed the e-commerce in the Internet era to the point where they are flourishing have rarely existed.

Under the gradual coldening of the market, flooring companies are confusing in the transformation and transformation of the development model: product innovation, channel expansion, marketing change, brand building, etc., the major changes in the flooring industry The wind blows. These aspects of hard work ‘internal strength’ are important, but in today’s flooring market, they are no longer the ‘disease’ that hinders the development of flooring companies. So, what is the performance of the ‘disease’ of the industry development?

Illness 1: From the user community, away from market demand

In the market of the wind of change, many flooring companies believe that only the enterprise itself ‘transformed blood’ can adapt to the present The development trend of the flooring industry is actually not the case. In the current floor market, consumers are always the first, and he affects the fate of flooring companies. The transformation of flooring companies, the exploration of O2O, the widening of channels, and so on, are ultimately changed for the sake of consumers.

Throughout the entire floor market, most floor companies seldom think about the following issues: just knowing to sell products, but do not know how to accurately target consumer groups? No contact with consumers, no interaction? There is no way to change in time according to consumer needs. When a series of consumer-related issues are placed in front of the floor companies, I believe that many companies are guilty, because these enterprises are still trapped in the mud of traditional enterprises, unable to operate and innovate according to consumer needs, and the so-called transformation and Change has only become formalism.

illness 2: transformational formalization, blind ‘electric shock’

Nowadays, e-commerce has become one of the hottest topics in the flooring industry. It is true that with the development of the Internet era, it is not the people’s way of life, but it has fundamentally subverted the development model of many industries. The flooring industry is one of them. All along, the transformation of the Internet by the flooring companies has been difficult, and so far has not developed a more prominent model. But at present, many flooring companies have indicated that they have kept up with the pace of the times and entered the e-commerce field, but some companies often only look good when they do e-commerce.

In fact, the floor companies involved in the e-commerce field, not only in the Internet of the operating model, but in the integration of internal and external synergies, marketing services and the Internet of the supply chain, and can be innovative through internal management Docking Internet big data, and then using the big data massive information library to understand the market trends, in order to fundamentally reflect the advantages of e-commerce. Those flooring companies that are still stuck in traditional manufacturing thinking have not undergone profound Internet reforms and will only miss opportunities and lose competitiveness in market competition.

At the beginning of the new year, a series of insights on the development trend of the industry are coming. No matter what trend is judged, the floor enterprises need to pay attention to the needs of consumers and the Internet model. The key to successful change. Although the traditional competition is still filled with smoke, the ‘diseases’ in the industry cannot disappear in a short period of time, but the floor companies can only find the problem and can be targeted.

Release date: 2015/1/28 13:15:23

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