The floor “drum bag” is installed from the edge.

Consumer Ms. Yan went to the Shahekou District Consumers Association to complain, her family spent 20,000 yuan at the beginning of the installation of brand-name floor bulging, floor dealers refused to take responsibility. After the coordination check, the floor bulge was found to be a trouble to be installed. It is reported that at the beginning of this year, the consumer’s family decoration used a well-known brand floor, installed by the decoration company.

Soon, Ms. Yu found that there were many drums on the floor in the house, and the family had to go around when they passed. Subsequently, Ms. Yan found the floor dealers three times and five times, and the other party said that it was not a floor quality problem. Ms. Qi once again found the floor dealer, and the other party finally agreed to go to Ms. Yan’s home for inspection and maintenance, but Ms. Yan demanded compensation and the two sides failed to negotiate.

After receiving the complaint, the Sha District Consumers Association investigated the cause of the floor drum kit. When Ms. Yu’s house was renovated, the gap between the foot line and the floor was too small. The city’s excessive rain caused the floor to expand due to moisture this summer. Therefore, the bulging phenomenon occurs, and the quality of the floor itself is not problematic. The Consumers Association believes that the dealers have delayed the problem and delayed the floor repair. Although the survey results show that the drum kit is not caused by the quality of the floor, the dealer should give a proper solution when the consumer asks questions.

Under the coordination and reconciliation solution, Ms. Yu’s floor was repaired. Consumers Association reminds consumers that when purchasing the floor, they should master certain consumption and installation common sense in advance, such as whether the heating or geothermal heat in the home is matched with the floor to be purchased; whether the floor is suitable for use in Dalian, etc., so as to avoid the appearance of a similar lady. This kind of trouble, and the dealer should also fulfill the obligation to inform when selling the floor.

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