The enterprises in the financing home sector project can be roughly divided into several categories.

To a certain extent, the investment boom in the home furnishing industry has a lot to do with the prosperity of the entire venture capital market in recent years. When hungry capital seeks new investment targets, the home industry appears in front of investment institutions with labels such as “smart”, “technology”, “internet”, and “consumption upgrade”. “Daily Economic News” and the “Future Business” Investment Report jointly released by the Investment and Financing Service Platform, show that from 2016 to August 2018, the financing of home furniture sector has reached 229 times, in the field of large consumption. The financing list is second only to the restaurant chain, accounting for 12.4% of the total financing statistics.
Among these financing projects, enterprises in the household sector can be roughly divided into several categories: smart home enterprises with the banner of “Internet of Things”; Internet home improvement enterprises with the banner of “Internet + traditional industries”; The home logistics service platform of the last mile” problem; and the home improvement design platform supported by “cloud technology” or “cloud platform”. Disassemble separately below.   

◇Smart Home

In the absence of imagination in the traditional furniture and home manufacturing industry, smart home has become a hot spot in the home industry for the past two years. Security, lighting, speaker TV and other products around residential and home life have also emerged, and related investment events are also frequent. However, the author is more willing to classify it as “electronic technology products”, and the application in furniture is still at the stage of embedded equipment (such as smart sofas). In fact, a complete smart home must include three major systems: (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, and home security system.

The rest of the home wiring system, home network system, home theater and multimedia system, and home environment control system, etc., are only optional, and lack of the necessary system can not be called “smart home” . Overall, the domestic emphasis on “intelligent components”, such as smart door locks, smart speakers, etc., and the “smart home” with a complete system is still a lot of distance.


Internet home improvement was once one of the most closely related areas of the home industry and capital, but it also became the hardest hit area after the crazy investment boom. Since 2015, more than 300 Internet home improvement brands have appeared in the country. In 2017-2018, more than 20 Internet home improvement companies have received financing, most of which belong to the angel round or the seed round, which can survive to the B round. countable.

◇Home Logistics Service Platform

Most of the household products belong to non-standard parts, and the probability of damage is large. It is not only “delivery”, but also involves the installation of products and even after-sales maintenance. The most needed in this field is patience and pragmatism.

With the rapid development of home e-commerce, the home logistics service platform to solve the “last mile” problem has also developed. Rough statistics, including Hometown, Ant Anju, Rishun, Yizhitong, Master Wan, Delivery Artifact, Anda, Anbang, etc., a number of enterprises that help home end products and services, some of them It has been favored by capital, but its scale and frequency of financing are relatively small, which also indicates to some extent that this field still needs to be practical services.


In addition to smart homes and Internet home improvement, home furnishing companies relying on “cloud technology” are also receiving capital attention.

From the early start of the round side software, to the three-dimensional home, cool house music, dressing home, room box, Guju, Aifuwo, 72 Hyun, and the design cloud launched by Red Star Macalline Designers, etc., with the development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, and VR, also ushered in a climax. Although the design software can solve the problem of “what you see is what you get” to a large extent, help the terminal better. In terms of communication and sales, in the long run, solving the problem of low efficiency and poor consumer experience in the home improvement industry is the real value, not limited to the effect display. It is also noted that in the investment field of the household sector, the capital of Lei Jun, one of the founders of Xiaomi, is quite prominent. According to statistics, Shun Capital’s investment in the large home sector covers different areas from front-end products to back-end services. Home-owned companies that participate in investment include Fun Sleep Technology (8H), Love Space, and Li Weijia, Xiaomi, Shenong 007, Cool Jiale, Bronze Master and Green Rice have also listed their brands in the “Mijia Eco-chain”.

For example, using Xiaomi’s own platform, brand crowdfunding such as 8H mattress, copper master and green rice have been successful and merged into Xiaomi Youpin Mall.
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