The curtains at home are right, and you can definitely increase your household value by several grades.

Curtain, is a privacy, open activity window, open it, the warmth of home Good to show the world, to close it, whispering when it is very quiet… In fact, the curtains are not so much attention to the complexity of the pattern, but everyone will choose monochrome curtains, especially beige. , gray, brown, these more versatile colors.

Living room

beige or white net color gauze, is the best recommendation, wild classic, thin and elegant, thicker The texture is good, when the sun shines in, the invincible light and shadow is the most beautiful!

Pink The yellow and blue curtains are neither fancy nor monotonous, and blend with the color of the sofa and wall to create a very harmonious visual whole. The bright colors add a lot to the living room, which also affects the mood of the owner.

Bedroom articles

The curtains in the bedroom are more functional, and should be protected from light to ensure sleep. The curtains in the bedroom are best chosen to be floor-standing, so as to avoid the curtains being too short and leaking.

Color aspect It is not advisable to use high-saturated and high-contrast colors on a large area. The fabric should be thick and textured as much as possible, and the shading effect should be good. If the single-layer fabric can not meet the shading requirements, a layer of interlining can not only improve the shading effect but also provide thermal insulation. The effect is to effectively improve the comfort of the room.

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