The contribution of recycled wood to house decoration

Now many houses are rough houses. After they are bought, they need to decorate their own homes. This is indispensable for interior design and furniture. There are many styles of house decoration, from modern to rustic, such as clear glass, gray glass, Carrara marble, concrete, crape myrtle, teak and recycled wood. Coloring, crepe, cracks and nail holes, like recycled wood, are naturally old. A layer of tung oil or paint is applied to the surface of these recycled wood. The furniture made of recycled wood is a good decoration.
Black steel can be used in the vignetting of the restaurant, which is solemn. Placed in some recycled wood dining chairs, with white or light-colored walls and multi-colored carpets or wooden floors, under the sun, it will have a modern atmosphere and a heavy feeling.

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