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What are the core strengths of Cloud Token?

1. Rich global project operation and investment experience, Cloud Token Ecology The fund is a professionalized clearing fund initiated by the Cloud Token Foundation and dedicated to investing in global digital assets, and is managed and operated by the Cloud Token Foundation Investment Committee, which invests in tightly anchoring quality assets and Equity (such as real estate in high-growth countries, high-return cultural art assets, shares in Nasdaq-listed companies, high-quality films, books, IP copyrights, etc.) Securities-based Certified Assets (STO) and high global digital money market The digital assets that are rewarded are dedicated to sharing the huge dividends of the era development for Cloud Token and helping members in the context of digital assets, helping members to create more revenue and asset appreciation. The Cloud Token Eco-Fund consists of digital assets managed by the Cloud Token Foundation and digital assets invested by members. Members can invest the surplus digital assets into the Cloud Token Eco-Fund, which will be operated by the Investment Committee and return the investment income to the Fund in a timely manner. Investors, while investing part of the proceeds into the development of Cloud Token, create long-term value for the development of Cloud Token. At present, the Cloud Token Eco-Fund has established offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc., and has already reached cooperation and investment intentions with the Cambodian government and many top commercial real estate. The Cloud Token Ecological Fund will always walk in the times and The forefront of the world, based on the background of the digital economy, to explore and invest in global quality assets, to create high value returns for the Cloud Token ecosystem and members.

2, multi-encrypted secure storage technology, Cloud Token encrypts the hot wallet, separates the hot and cold end, and stores multiple cold wallets in multiple places to form a multi-center cryptographic signature scheme. At the same time, using multiple signals P2SH and financial privacy BIP32 technology, all data information is encrypted and transmitted. In addition, Cloud Token also creates multi-signature algorithms such as rate limiting, address whitelisting, webhooks, etc., and combines with the financial process system and the approval authorization system to not only ensure the security of digital assets in all aspects, but also make the entire coin-coin process more efficient. Convenient. It is a wallet that is compatible with multi-currency decentralization. It uses SHA512-ZERO encryption technology and independent private key + dynamic verification code to ensure data security for Cloud Token network.

First of all, we will elaborate from four aspects

First: project side background

Second: technical strength – true and false blocks with wallets Differences

Third: The effect of mode making money

Fourth: Quantifying the authenticity of the team

First, let’s introduce the project side background. Block:

Cloud Token is a three-block chain venture capital fund company in the United States, which combines Singapore’s world-class Quantitative Quantitative Team and Asia-Pacific Fast Chain Technology Genius-ronald aai (Chinese name: Luo Nader) spent a total of half a year together to create a decentralized blockchain chain wallet. Ronald aai is the founder of the fourth generation blockchain public chain BBS, which is the world’s top block with advanced technology. Engineer, formerly the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system was still in the process of research and development, and a small salon meeting was held in China, Guangzhou, China. The guests, there are a lot of big coffee in the blockchain, among them, Zhao Sheng is also a pro On-site, (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Teacher Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference, the world’s first decentralized stability Currency DUSD (referred to as the founder of the (USD) legal currency public chain, equivalent to China’s RMBT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security, etc.) In the currency world is Taishan Beidou The character of the class, on the stage, Zhao Sheng teacher personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) He believes that Cloud Token develops the chain developed on the BBS public chain with decentralization as the carrier. Wallet, grafting more application development plan is the inevitable trend of future blockchain development. The global launch conference of May 12 is held in Thailand, we will personally witness these – the mysterious big coffee, the stock market gods – Quantum Fund Rogers, one of the founders, the global vice president of Huawei Group, and the top technical experts in the blockchain world financial circle will come to the scene, let us wait and see!

II. Let us talk about it, Technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH.

So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..

Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, that is, we The well-known centralized wallet, although there are mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, in your own APP, the actual only seen is the number, and the real assets, to the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: go toThe heart is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can not be tampered with, so, the real decentralized wallet, the main currency stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

The simple difference between the first point is the way the bonus is settled. As we all know, the items we have done before, regardless of when you invested in the deposit, your static bonus is the system unified time. Settlement, centralized APP has a background management system, the administrator opens the background management system at a fixed time “usually after 12.00 in the evening”, all of which are settled with one click, or the system sets a fixed time for automatic settlement.

And DAPP, our Cloud Token bonus settlement method is based on the fourth generation public chain BBS, written into the smart contract, can not be changed, we settle according to each person’s deposit time, settlement bonus It is also different. For example, A is joining the plan at 10:00 am and the node confirms it. Then, it is the static bonus at 10:00 on the second day. B is the plan to join the plan at 3 pm and the node confirms that it is the settlement at 3 pm on the next day. Static bonus, each person’s static settlement time is not the same, the block node confirms the settlement 24 hours later. The dynamic settlement time is different. For example, your first friend joined at 3 pm on the 16th, then you will have to go to 3 pm on the 18th to see it, because we are taking the static income of everyone. The static settlement cycle node is 24 hours, then the dynamic settlement is 48 hours, so our Cloud Token dynamic bonus settlement is also different all the time. And if it is a centralized wallet fake wallet is very difficult to do, because his server is constantly accounting for 24 hours, the system is very easy to crash and crash.

The difference between the 2nd point: the centralized fake blockchain wallet, their coin-collecting address is not the same as the transfer-out address, because you are in the background review after each withdrawal request. Generally, the background administrator passes one time or one hour through one hour. After passing, the address of the project party will help you to transfer it out, not your own address.

Our Cloud Token, regardless of how many times it is presented, is your own address. Because, all major currencies, the public chain has only one address, for example, today you have to use CTO to convert to Ethereum cash withdrawal, you click on the successful conversion, you can immediately enter the ETH official website to query, you will see a deposit Into the record, and then you refer to the ETH to the exchange, and then to the ETH’s official website to query, there will be a withdrawal record, all deposits and withdrawals are the same address, all transaction records can be stored in the currency Query on the public chain of the species.

The difference between the 3rd point: the speed of the currency

APP wallet, you exchange the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, it is not found on the official website of ETH. Any recorded, seconds to ETH is actually the number displayed in the APP, some friends and you said, our cash withdrawal seconds, no need to pay for work, haha, you smile, real blockchain It is necessary to collect the miners’ fees.

We Cloud Token, the withdrawal is calculated according to the block. For example, the USDT network is relatively congested, and the node confirmation time is slower. Many friends, after joining the plan, Occasionally, I have been joining the program for 24 hours. I still have no income. Actually, the time you clicked to join the plan is 5 points. However, the network node confirms that it is 8 points, naturally according to the time of 8:00. Turn on quantification, calculate profit, everyone can go to the public chain to query, the time of node confirmation, everything can be traced, open, transparent.

Difference between the 4th point: the uniqueness of the private key

The fake block and the wallet also have a private key. You can also do an experiment. You copy the private key of your fake wallet. Then go to ETH’s official wallet IMTOKEN wallet and use the private key to import the new wallet, you will be prompted that the private key is invalid.

Our cloud token private key can be imported into any decentralized wallet. For example, if the cloud token has 10 ETHs after IMTOKEN is bound, then IMTOKEN will also display 10 ETH- The block sync display, you can also transfer out any wallet operation in IMTOKEN or cloud token.

Advantages of Point 5

Our cloud token is currently unique and can be stored by credit card. Open the NFC function inside the phone and let the phone touch the credit card. Your The private key is stored in it. If one day your private key is forgotten, the password is forgotten. Just take out the credit card and touch it with your mobile phone. Then you will find it. If a friend says, I don’t have a credit card. Do it, it does not matter, cloud token has a self-developed chip card, the same function.

III. The superiority of the model

After talking about the safety and long-term nature of the project, let’s take a look at how we make money. I believe this is also a concern for everyone. One of the key points, after all, money can solve 99% of the things in our lives.

The project side is also very user-friendly, and various aspects of market research work.

The biggest highlight of the mode: share a person can make big money

Let’s take a look, directly recommend 16, you can take 21 layers, like other APP similar mode, basically It is 10, 15 layers. Everyone knows the market. In order to let investors make money as soon as possible, they will play three numbers themselves. If it is only 10 floors, then the market of 3 or less people will not be related to themselves if they do not upgrade. , we have 21 layers, at least 7 generations, which is related to ourselves, which increases the adhesion of the team, which isIt is a leg that can make a lot of money. Some friends are worried that if you take the 21st floor, will it be higher and the risk is higher, not the Ha, because from the third generation, only 5 percent, only strengthen the depth.

Four AI intelligent quantitative trading

This is also the most important part of our investment in this project, that is, the project, whether there is real profitability, only real profitable projects In order to go long. It is not a pure fund, a Ponzi scheme, and the people behind it.

If the quantification is the project’s own technology and is the world’s top technical team, then this project is definitely We can go for a long time, then how do we determine his authenticity?

1; We have really arranged for the team leader to be accompanied by technical director ronald aai, who personally went to Singapore on the 4.3rd. In Singapore’s most expensive office building, I witnessed the world’s top quantitative technical team. You can see photos and videos.

2; Our DAPP also has real-time quantitative data transactions, which can be viewed by every member. Every money invested by investors is earmarked for exclusive use, all of which are quantitatively profitable.

3; 3.30 and 4.2, my technical director in Guangzhou and Changsha in front of hundreds of people personally Open the big screen, open the quantitative background real-time data display to everyone to see and ask questions on the spot.

Summary: Cloud Token

From the project background, technical strength, quantifying the authenticity of profit, and the profitability of the model, it is the first choice in 2019, the best choice for impeccable, Will lead you to new milestones!!!

Cloud Token users, everyone! As a Senior players, you want it all here!!!

1. What is the cloud wallet?

Simply put, the RMB has interest on the bank and the balance of the electronic digital assets Treasure has revenue, cloud wallet is the world’s first wallet to be earned in 4 Ethereum, which is the “Baobao” in the blockchain.

2. Why choose Cloud Token

1. The gold coin goes with you, and there is no return to it.

2. The income is cashed at any time, no routine

3, no money, no policy risk

4, strong hematopoiesis, do not hurt the human network

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your own hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

The first chain-based wallet created by Ronald, the fourth-generation public chain founder of the industry, Cloud?Token Decentralized smart wallet, 2019 preferred investment project.

3. Where does the profit come from?

1. From the Cloud? Token market value management (AI robot 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, high-frequency quantitative hedging, brick arbitrage, strategic trading), earned It is the money of the entire currency circle (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the same), AI robots gain 30% to 50% of the month (total drawing ratio of 25% to 27%) without burns, no foam .

2. 50% commission bonus on the exchange (permanent smart contractual dividend). Global players trade on the exchange and receive commission dividends.

3, CTO currency appreciation.

Cloud?Token’s perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO achieves a high degree of global consensus, widely apply circulation, and seek greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

IV. Project Background

Cloud Token is named by Daniel Csokas in English, Daniel in Chinese, High School of Oxford University and Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC for short) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), the four most influential venture capital companies, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, Ronald spent a total of half a year together Created a decentralized blockchain chain on the wallet.

Ronald is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He is also a technical consultant for a certain wallet.

In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development, a small salon meeting held in China, China, and Guangzhou. The invited guests have a lot of blockchains. The expert, including Mr. Zhao Sheng, also came to the scene. (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Mr. Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference. The world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (referred to as the (USD) legal currency public chain founder, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security Wait, in the currency world is the character of Taishan. At the salon, Mr. Zhao Sheng personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) I think Cloud Token is decentralized as a carrier. The wallet developed on the BBS public chain, grafting more development plans for application landing. It is the future block.The inevitable trend of chain development.

V. Technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on ETH development. Side chain. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address. DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

VI. How to join Cloud Token

1. Find your referrer, ask him for the invitation code and download link, and the operation process

2. Download After installing the wallet, create an account, fill in the invitation code, and register your personal wallet account (make sure to save the mnemonic)

3. Download in the mobile app market & ldquo; Google Authenticator and background account tied Set it (make sure to save the Google private key)

4. Deposit your virtual currency into your Cloud Toekn personal wallet

5. After completing the deposit, click to enter the plan. It is the opening of intelligent quantification, waiting for the CTO income!

VII. Patterns and systems

1. Static income, depositing money to make money, the monthly income is 6~20% Days are not capped

2, share the benefits

Take a generation of 100%

2 generations of 50%? 3-21 generations of 5% income every day without capping

Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community

C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

Up to 3 C1 The community is the community reward for the C2 community 1 0%

Reaching 3 C2 communities means rewarding 15% of C3 community community

Reaching 3 C3 communities means C4 community rewards 20%

Reaching 3 C4 communities is C5 community

Community Revenue Takes 5% of global community total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ not capped on a day.

Save more than $500 as a valid account

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

Currently, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated before the end of the year~ 20% buy to earn

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