The choice of carpet in the living room should be based on the environment and actual needs.

The living room has a large flow of people, and the guests spend most of their time here, so the role of the living room carpet is self-evident, but because the functions of the living room are different, so the choice of carpets is also diverse, the best way is according to the carpet application. The environment and actual needs, such as the location of the paving and the amount of walking there, choose the brand that matches it.
The carpet in the living room can be selected according to the style of the living room furniture, so that the decoration theme of the living room is more concentrated, or according to the individual’s requirements for comfort, choose the living room carpet that makes the atmosphere more in place, let Your own living room can create a little artistic sense. When choosing the carpet of the living room, it should also consider the carpet weaving density, wear resistance, resilience, static electricity and flame resistance. The living room carpet is not only durable, but also durable. Different places should be chosen for different carpets, such as anti-fouling carpets where stains are easily stained, and carpets for stairs. The choice of carpet in the living room is very particular. The living room is where the guests gather. If your guests like to smoke very much, then you are advised to choose a flame-resistant living room carpet. For chemical fiber carpets, the burning time is within 12 minutes, the burning area. The diameter is within 17.96 cm, and the flame resistance is acceptable. Therefore, it should be carefully selected.

The selection of living room carpets, some tufted carpets with rich feel and soft texture are the favorite types of customers, and also the easiest choice for the living room. It not only eliminates the coldness of the ground, but also makes the space more textured. The living room carpet selection is especially simple solid color carpet, which is most suitable for the overall pavement of the living room. The soft texture adds the change of the wave point, which brings a warm and comfortable warmth to your winter room.
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