The cabinet hardware does not take long to rust, it is not paying attention to these when you buy

The cabinets are very practical, and in order to facilitate people to use the cabinets, they also need to match some hardware accessories on the cabinets. When choosing hardware accessories, you also need to pay attention to the corresponding matching skills. Below the home, you will introduce the relevant knowledge of cabinet hardware accessories and matching matters, I hope to give you good help.
How long does it take for the cabinet hardware to rust? These precautions you need to know

I. Selection of cabinet hardware accessories

Select cabinet hardware needs comprehensive and multi-faceted Factor considerations: First of all, the humid environment of the kitchen, as well as the daily smoke and fire, produce a very heavy soot, so the selected hardware must be able to withstand the test of corrosion, rust, damage, that is, the most At least the cabinet hardware should have good anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other properties; secondly, the cabinet hardware needs to play a certain role, some hardware also needs to bear the weight, we must choose to buy good quality products.

As long as the above basic requirements are a qualified cabinet hardware, of course, the choice of these hardware and whether it is compatible with the kitchen. At present, the quality of many building materials can meet the relevant requirements.

Second, with precautions

Functional hardware matching precautions

1, when buying cabinet functional hardware, it depends Whether its surface is smooth, the switch is sensitive, and whether there is abnormal noise.

2. It is necessary to select hardware products of manufacturers with long history and high credibility to ensure that the purchased hardware materials are selective and not prone to problems.

3. If the consumer’s economic ability is relatively good, try to select the hardware manufactured by the regular manufacturer to ensure high precision, good dimensional consistency and processing technology.

How long does it take for the cabinet hardware to rust? These precautions you need to know

Decorative hardware matching notes

1, decorative cabinet hardware accessories, such as cabinet handles, etc., should consider the issue of the color and texture of the furniture.

2, the cabinet handle should not use the handle of solid wood, otherwise the handle is also prone to deformation in a humid environment.

3. Choose decorative hardware that can be well matched with the cabinet.

Cabinet hardware accessories selection and matching matters as above, specifically what kind of hardware accessories to choose in the cabinet design, often need to be combined with the use of cabinet products, style, etc. to further determine. In general, the manufactured cabinets already have hardware accessories, and consumers can make their own opinions about the hardware when customizing the cabinets.
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