The brain hole is very big, Jimei Home May Day Carnival!

Summary:Jimei Home took the lead in playing the May 1st holiday and made Jimei a carnival feast.

   May Day holiday is coming soon, The e-commerce platform, which has always been keen on “making festivals”, has collectively lost its voice and has not seen the action. However, the traditional home furnishing industry has taken the lead in playing the May Day holiday and moved the festival to the Jimei Plaza in Lugouqiao, which has created a beauty. Carnival feast.

  From the current publicity information released by Jimei Home The theme of the festival is “Jimei Home Star Season – Jimei is crazy for you”, which is the heavy opening show of the entire Jimei home star season, and every link is full of surprises. From this younger state, you can see one or two in the more lively and cheerful main vision.

 Strength star helps stage show to turn over the audience

   It is understood that this carnival, Jimei will invite the Chinese music singer Xu Qianya to sing the first activity Song. As an atmospheric and elegant strength singer, how can Xu Qianya use her magnetic voice with Chinese taste to interact with the audience in this cross-border fusion of youthfulness, igniting the audience, it is really exciting!

   In addition to the Xu Qianya platform, there are many The fusion of styles, positive, tidal, sexy, grounded, what do you want, come here! There is also a lucky draw! Show interaction! Every process in the Jimei stage area was born for the audience, and it was released!

  Ming star scenes hit everyone Is a performer

   this carnival Jimei changed the traditional holiday gameplay in the home industry. With the natural space and scene advantages of the store, the classic film and television scenes were restored, and the first cross-border of the home industry and the film industry was opened. The scenes of the event, including sitcoms, urban emotions, childlike animations and many other classic film and television drama scenes will be exhibited in various spaces. The concave shape photographs the smiling apple machine or the play-like body, as long as it is in the scene, everyone They can all be big stars, Jimei will play for you!

   In addition, Jimei Home has specially opened this link. Online “most beautiful scenes” voting competition, photo video play casually, praise is no longer psychological comfort, daily praise of the top 30 scene lighting starsCan participate in the lucky draw of up to 5,000 yuan.

  Star Products “Large Search” See

  stage, lighting and performance Not enough, there must be a high reward game! Jimei designed a high-energy treasure hunt game for the audience at the event. The treasure may be a workbench, a princess bed or a refrigerator washing machine. Every customer who enters the store can get a cool treasure card, browse and find it, the treasure is yours!

  Ming Star Crazy Offer Blood Release

   during the May Day Carnival, Jimei Home will The vomiting of blood and profit, including Jimei 20 times the money to increase the coupon coupons, into the 100 districts to directly subsidize 10 million, home appliances lottery and other multiple offers will be synchronized. Among them, entering the 100-zone households is a public welfare activity that Jimei Home has been engaged in in recent years. This event is the key implementation. It is reported that from April 28 to May 1, Jimei Plaza will send a professional home service team to the community. Carry out real-life service actions such as furniture maintenance, product consultation, after-sales visit and delivery of 5.1 activities.

   as the brand home of the furniture industry, Jimei Home The second festival was a surprise and unexpected. This Jimei Carnival has changed the dull, dull and boring event design of the entire home industry, bringing the latest stage play, the most fashionable cross-border interaction, the most interactive interactive game and the most sincere customer service. It can be seen that Jimei Home has taken the lead in embarking on the runway of brand rejuvenation.

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