The balcony partition door is installed like this, the beauty is not necessary.

The balcony partition door is so useful to look at it~Tencent Home

Generally, there is a partition between the balcony and the room to separate it, what about the partition door? Is it practical to look good?

Folding balcony door

Use the folding door to separate the balcony from the interior, and the transparency of the glass does not affect the lighting inside the house, while the noise and temperature difference can be effectively isolated at night.

Balcony sliding door

Most people will choose the push-pull door for the balcony, which not only saves space, but also adds space A touch of style, sliding doors can be matched with any home style, generous and beautiful.

Disadvantages: Space is limited, and the spacious balcony can only be opened halfway.

Single door

For groups that prefer independent spaces but don’t want to be too dark, you can use a single door at the same time Add a window so that it does not affect the light in the room, or you can have a private space on the balcony.


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