The Argentine capital welcomes the G20 for a day off. The government encourages people to go out for a holiday.

[Global Network News] According to CNN’s November 29 report, the G20 summit will soon be in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. He held a number of national leaders who arrived here for a two-day conference. In order to ensure the safety during the meeting, the Argentine government encourages people who are not related to the summit to go out for a holiday.

According to reports, according to a decree signed by Argentine President Mauricio & Bull; Mark, the government announced November 30 as a national holiday and encouraged citizens unrelated to the G20 summit to leave the capital to enjoy the weekend. .

Argentine Security Minister Patricia & Bull; Brigid said in a television interview that the government advised residents to leave the capital for vacation after work on November 29, because the government will take tough during the summit Security measures, if there is a violent incident, will make a decision immediately. According to reports, the government will deploy more than 22,000 police and officials to participate in security work.

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