The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum opened in Beijing

In September, China has once again become the focus of global attention. The remaining temperature of the Xiamen Golden Brick Summit has not retreated. The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was grandly opened in Beijing.

On September 9, 2017, the 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was held at the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition in Beijing. The grand opening of the center, this is a very forward-looking forum, this is the Caizhi Forum that gathers the most talked about, this is the forum for breaking the economic fog. The forum lasted for three days. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former German President Wulff, famous investor Jim · Rogers, Chairman of Stephan Pharmaceutical Group Zhao Tao, founder of Shihua Group Jiang Yan, President of Business Media Group Zhou Zhonghua Other heavyweight guests will deliver keynote speeches and dialogues with entrepreneurs.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in his speech: Chinese entrepreneurs are the key to China’s economic success If you say that China can achieve world-renowned achievements, it is because you dare to take risks. As China’s wealth grows, your comparative advantage is gradually declining, and you must face increasing competition. In the face of global competition, the only solution for you is to innovate. Because innovation is the only truly effective solution. China is one of the most important economies in the world. The world appreciates your wisdom, your ability to work, your unremitting persistence, your love for the motherland, and the economic development you have built. The road to globalization in China is not over yet. The world needs China. China also needs the world. We look forward to better cooperation and more exchanges.

The forum sponsor, Mr. Jiang Wei, founder and chairman of Shihua Group, said in his speech: I hope to operate A company can fulfill its mission of achieving social mission, social responsibility, social value and social ecology. In other words, it is able to solve social problems and realize the value of society in a business enterprise, and it can form a cause of social significance. I can raise my personal career to social undertakings, personal values ​​rise to social values, and personal values ​​rise to social significance. When we are a social enterprise, we will get more social energy, and the more energy we can feed back into the future, because the spiritual energy body is beyond the scope of individual ability. Therefore, I have always advocated social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. With ecological thinking, shared thinking, and integrated thinking, they can change from pure trading, trading, and opposition to a unified, shared, and ecological transformation.

Zhou Zhonghua, the forum sponsor and president of the business media group, said in his speech that we have a special need in this era. A company with a strong sense of mission, responsibility, self-pursuit and dream can truly promote the transformation and upgrading of tens of millions of Chinese enterprises, and truly promote the rapid development of the whole society. This is the most important one for every social entrepreneur. pursue. When we are pursuing our company to take root in society, we are fully capable of realizing the growth of our wealth. On this road, there are more and more people, and the direction is right, they are not afraid of the road.

The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was jointly organized by Beijing Huaxia School of Management, Media Media Group, AirMedia The Group, Shihua Group, Air Business School, Buchang Pharmaceutical Group, Himalayan FM, Yiyang Group, 51 Barter, Lutie Media, Liuyu Group, Yunxue Technology and other units initiated the forum with “six modules” The nine major themes, with keynote speeches, peak dialogues, and thematic discussions, provided a fully open communication platform for the guests.

Cai Guanshen, Wang Yumu, Chen Dongsheng, Zhao Tao, Yu Dong, Chen Hong, Wang Junhao, Zhou Zhonghua, Ji Lianqiang, Chen Xiangdong The guests also attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches. Yang Lan, Liu Qiangdong, Feng Lun, Hu Run, etc. sent a blessing speech video to the conference. Nearly 5,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered together to share social responsibility and create an ecosystem. Wisdom feast.

Recently, the world economy has shown a good trend, international trade and investment have rebounded, and a new round of technology and industrial revolution Ready to go, new industries, new technologies, new business forms emerge one after another. In this context, the 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum, with the theme of carrying the era and building the ecosystem, was held for the emergence of more social entrepreneurs to promote economic and social progress. Work hard.

“ Can use the power, it is invincible in the world. The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum is a gathering of a group of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs, making it a backbone force for the development of the world economy and striving to promote commercial civilization.

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