The 3rd Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum ended successfully

In 2017, Trump officially took office, the Brexit negotiations started, the French and German elections, the South Korean government changed, and once again changed the global situation; the uncertainties of the world economy, the risks of unpredictability and the challenges of diversification are more complicated and severe. The contradiction between domestic overcapacity and demand structure upgrading is still outstanding, and the momentum within economic growth is not strong.

How should social enterprises turn to safety and “take the wind and waves?”

The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum attracts 5000 entrepreneurs to participate

From September 9th to September 11th, the 3rd “Global Society” with the theme of “Establishing the Age Mission · Building an Ecosystem” The Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was successfully held in Beijing. Political, business, media, and well-known scholars have gathered together to discuss topics such as social responsibility of entrepreneurs and provide ideas for building an ecological and civilized economy.

&ltquo;The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum was jointly initiated by Beijing Huaxia Management College, Business Media Group, Hangmei Media Group, Yiyang Group, Lutie Media, Sunshine Media Group and other enterprises. The forum provided a fully open communication platform for the guests with keynote speeches, roundtable forums and question and answer.

The forum has received wide attention from people from all walks of life. Several domestic and foreign guests attended the forum. Jingdong Liu Qiangdong and Hurun Baifu founder Hu Run also participated in this forum. Congratulations were held, and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former German President Wulff, famous investor Jim &middot, Rogers and other heavyweights attended and delivered keynote speeches and roundtable forums.

Mr. Zhou Zhonghua, President of Business Media Group and Editor-in-Chief of Business Magazine, gave a keynote speech

Forum sponsor, President of the Business Media Group, and Editor-in-Chief of Business Magazine, Zhou Zhonghua, said in the speech entitled “What kind of business reading is needed in this era?” Only institutional media can continuously provide the most valuable value for our time. Premium content. Today’s business environment has become so complicated, we need to really enter the enterprise to get first-hand resources. At the same time, only those institutional media like our business media can continue to invest in the deep processing of these true materials. In fact, the business community has been in business for 23 years!

Forum sponsor, founder and chairman of the Shihua Group Mr. Jiang Yan gave an opening speech

Jiang Yan, the founder of the forum and the founder and chairman of the Shihua Group, said: I hope that a company can fulfill its mission of achieving social mission, social responsibility, social value and social ecology. In other words, it is able to solve social problems and realize the value of society in a business enterprise, and it can form a cause of social significance. I can raise my personal career to social undertakings, personal values ​​rise to social values, and personal values ​​rise to social significance.

The famous cultural scholar Ms. Yu Dan gave a keynote speech

Well-known scholar Yu Dan said at the forum Chinese people want to find peace and have to start from home. When they return home, they must know that their home is well-regulated. The days at home are also suitable for bringing teams.

There are also bad words in the family, such as “What is the meaning of the three-horizontal and vertical in the middle of the treasure cover? It is a description of the family’s attitude is particularly mean, especially selfish, anything hurts others The three horizontals are people with kindness in the family, people who care about the overall situation and tolerance, but there are people who can’t stand up and down, a sharp attitude. When a mean talk, this state is “bad.” A family may have a daughter-in-law who is awkward. A few grandfathers have an angry temper. The senior management and middle-level management in the team often have self-interest and self-interest, and they do not hesitate to hurt others. It is a curse to speak.

It’s a big deal to have a good mouth under the roof. If the mouth is not good, it is “caused from the mouth, the disease is from the mouth, less sick and less trouble, this family has no harm.”

What is more noteworthy is that on the first day of the forum, the former French President Sarkozy, the second day of the former German President Woolf, delivered a keynote speech, and also participated in the participation of Chinese entrepreneurs. The round-table dialogue was held on issues such as social entrepreneurs, enterprise reform, and business ecology, and the response was enthusiastic.

The global economic situation is complex and changeable. Under the tremendous help of the Internet+, new variables and new formats are rapidly emerging, rewriting the business ecology and economic structure, and business relationships are taking place at an unprecedented rate. change.

The Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum invisibly sets up a bridge between the past, the present and the future, redefines the social attributes of entrepreneurs, and points to the maze. All entrepreneurs should work together to fulfill their mission. Responsible and responsible, awe and maintain the nature, society and environment on which we depend, and connect forces to make more enterprises pay attention to social responsibility and ecological civilization.

As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the Belt and Road Summit, “Today, when countries are interdependent and global challenges are one after another, it is difficult to solve the problems facing the world by the power of a single country. Only by connecting the policies of each other and integrating economic factors and developing resources on a larger scale in the world can we form a synergy and promote the world and peace and common development. The same is true for companies, which requires cooperation and win-win.

Former French President Sarkozy talks with Chinese entrepreneurs

Former French President Sarkozy

Chinese entrepreneurs are key players in China’s economic success. China is able to achieve world-renowned achievements precisely because of your work, because you dare to take risks.

We understand Chinese big companies very well and know a lot about China’s large groups, but we don’t know much about you SMEs. You are the key to the Chinese economy.

The three visions of the landscape, innovation, and leadership position can sum up the mission that a Chinese entrepreneur should undertake.

& ldquo; The Belt and Road is not a simple project. It is a vision, a vision of China, and China views the vision of globalization.

China is one of the most important economies in the world. You all appreciate your wisdom, your ability to work, your unremitting persistence, your love for the motherland, and the economic development you have built.

Former German President Wulff

The younger generation of European entrepreneurs wants to give China And Europeans, create a true win-win situation.

To be successful, you don’t have to be very academically educated. Looking at the origins of some German celebrities, you will find that many very successful people are originally from the workers. Education is not necessarily the education of famous universities and famous universities. For example, Schroeder (former German Chancellor) began to be a business apprentice at the age of 14.

Why do we like Chinese people? Because we like the Chinese people’s very optimistic spirit, when you come to China, you will see a lot of smiles and see that Chinese people are very passionate about innovation.

I know that China’s now famous entrepreneurs are also from ordinary families. These entrepreneurs have a characteristic, very responsible, and have a very responsible sense of customers, employees, products, partners, so they are also very willing to train some talents to give back to the community.

American investor Rogers

The 19th century is the century of the United Kingdom, the 20th century It is the century of the United States, and the 21st century will be the century of China. Many Western countries are reluctant to see China’s rise, but they can’t do anything, and China is bound to rise.

When Chinese stocks fall, I will invest more Chinese stocks in these areas, and there will be more investment opportunities in these areas. Especially in the field of clean pollution and tourism. In the past 35 years, many urban populations have earned income. I think that in the next 35 years, many rural people will earn income, and I will invest more in health and medical fields.

I hope my children can see that we have so many Chinese stocks, so we are very rich. If Chinese stocks fall again, I will buy more Chinese stocks.

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