The 37th “International 315 Consumer Rights Day”, “Quality” and “Service” have once again become the topic of concern for all

With the upcoming 37th International 315 Consumer Rights Day, “Quality” and “Service” have once again become the topic of concern for all. All major industries and enterprises are facing the test of the quality and service quality of consumers. “Finding Home Service Model” The 2019 Home Service Survey Report and the New Home Retail Service Model Award Ceremony hosted by NetEase Home was held at the NetEase Building in Guangzhou. Anwar Tiles was invited as the first aesthetic modern marble tile brand in the industry. Explore the new retail practice of home.
2019 home service survey report press conference site

On March 8th, it is reported that Netease Home 315 service survey was fully upgraded, subverting the previous pure online survey mode, and visiting the major homes on the spot. Brand stores, combined with the company’s official website, WeChat and other online channels, to explore the online and offline service system construction of nearly 200 home enterprises, looking for examples of home services. As one of the scientific, independent and objective evaluation platforms for the home industry, this survey report is an authoritative yardstick for measuring the quality of brand services.

Customer satisfaction is the only criterion for measuring our work. Anwar Tiles establishes the service concept of “customer first, customer first”. Since 2018, Anwar Ceramics has won unanimous recognition from the industry for its good reputation and professional after-sales service. It has won the national “Five-Star Certificate for After-sales Service Certification” and has won the “Home Five-Star Service Word of Mouth Award” heavyweight in 2019. The title is truly deserved.

Anwar Tiles won the “2019 Home Five-Star Service Word of mouth Award” Award

As an aesthetic brand in the ceramic tile industry, Anwar Tiles is modern, modern, The three dimensions of modern texture interpret modern marble tiles, and the special aesthetic design from the six dimensions of texture, color, proportion, texture, light and material of marble tiles is the first modern marble tile brand in the industry. The ultimate beauty is known as the practitioner of light luxury, fashion, aesthetic design, and the creator of high-end lifestyle.

In the process of purchasing products, in addition to the superiority of the products themselves, the quality of the service is also an important factor in whether or not the goods can be sold. During the visit, the investigators found that Anhua Tile’s store guide shopping service was very enthusiastic. They were able to fully consider the problem from the perspective of the customer, and they also answered the questions raised by the investigators with great patience. When explaining products to customers, they are familiar with the performance and related knowledge of the products, explain the professional in place, and provide suggestions for purchasing according to user needs.

In the situation of increasingly homogenized products, high-quality products are dazzling, excellent sales services are spent, and the after-sales service of survival is one of the core values ​​of sales success. Since the establishment of the brand, Anwar Tiles has launched the 365 service. Each policy is based on the perspective of consumers. It not only protects the rights and interests of consumers, but also allows consumers to enjoy value-added benefits. Consumer confidence and loyalty to the brand.

Anwar Tiles Touch 365 System

From the survey of Netease Home 315 Service, we can see that Anwar Tiles is in high-quality consumption and warm service attitude. The company has established a good brand image and won the recognition of everyone. In the future, Anwar Tiles always adheres to the customer first, keeps pace with the times, takes the aesthetic concept and living space as its mission, innovates existing technology, creates better products, and brings a healthy and comfortable life to every consumer. enjoy!

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