The 22 square meter house can also be turned into a comfortable home.

There are many small apartments in New York, so we found a house of only 22.4 square meters. Living in a loving couple, and even more surprising, they are simply impeccable.

The apartment is located on the first floor and is basically a continuous space. The kitchen, bedroom and living room are basically all in the same space. There are a lot of things that seem easy here, and it can be very difficult to do. The kitchen is hidden in a corner, just a small part of it, and there is almost no counter space. Even with such a small space, the owner is trying to adapt and try to add some basic, practical facilities, especially on the wall. Shelf is really a great choice. The living room is also very small, not like any traditional living space, enough for us to have activities, only a small sofa and bench, and a cushion on the back of the seat.
The biggest surprise is that, in fact, there is a big bed here, you won’t notice it because it is completely hidden behind the bench, hiding the bed during the day, making the floor space for something else . This is another great design. It is such an apartment, small but functional.

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