That cooler world is just in front of you!

The college entrance examination is the most special memory in life,

It carries the hard work of ten years of cold windows,

bearing the expectations of millions of families,

carries a time of nowhere to return.

Reluctantly leave a message on the blackboard,

on the desk Wind-blown papers,

tears at the crossroads.

And those who work hard,

The hard work,

All are canvases for youth,

Add an unforgettable sum!

The college entrance exam is not the end,

The door to youth is open because of dreams !

I hope that the future will be brighter after tomorrow,

I hope that my classmates will still meet each other!

willing to live up to the cold, not losing time,

I am willing to live up to my dreams!

May the cooler world,

It’s not far ahead!

Sanfeng Mumen wishes all students:

Golden title, dreams come true!


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