Thailand’s billionaires are stunned, the future of the business empire is facing challenges, October 30, according to a report by the Central News Agency, Thailand’s billionaire Wei guessed that the helicopter duty accident on the 27th caused his duty-free shop brand “King Power” to lose its network. A rich group of representatives, successors will face challenges.

According to reports, Wichi is the 5th richest man in Thailand and the owner of the Premier League club Leicester City. After watching the game between Leicester City and West Ham United on the evening of 27th, he The helicopter that was riding crashed outside the stadium.

Data Sheet: The owner of the Premier League Club Leicester City, Thailand’s richest man.

Over the past 30 years, Vichy has gradually built a shopping empire with a market capitalization of about $4.9 billion.

Wei Gu left his wife and two children and two women. His four children are all in their 30s and are also members of the Wang Quan Group Board of Directors.

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