Thai protesters surrounded the government building to protest police “clearing” action

China News Service February 17th According to foreign media reports, on the 17th, Bangkok’s Thai anti-government protesters surrounded the seat of the Thai government, the Thai police tried to “clear the field”, so that the Thai caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck can The action back to his office office protested.

Thousands of demonstrators protested in front of the Thai government office building to protest. Protesters built sandbag walls in front of a gate in the government building and poured cement upwards.

The protest leader said in a speech that the protesters will not let the Yingluck government return to work in the office, “Indira will never have another chance to work in the government building.”

Because anti-government protesters have occupied the offices of several government agencies, many civil servants are unable to work properly. Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck has been unable to enter the government building for about two months, but can only hold meetings at various locations in Bangkok, Thailand.

On the 14th, the Thai police began operations and gathered at various anti-government gatherings in Bangkok to require demonstrators to leave public places in order to allow civil servants to work properly and to restore the blocked avenues.

According to reports, the police succeeded in “recovering” a major boulevard in Bangkok, and the authorities said they would take back other locations occupied by anti-government protesters.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

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