Thai Peace and Order Management Center says the caretaker prime minister will return to the Prime Minister’s office

China News Service, Bangkok, February 15 (Reporter Yu Xianlun) Tsai Lin, the head of the Thai Caretaker Government and concurrently head of the Peace and Order Management Center, said on the 15th that the caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck will be able to return to the Prime Minister on February 19. Office. It said that it has instructed police officials to inspect the security situation in the Prime Minister’s compound one by one to ensure that there are no explosives or other dangerous items in the hospital, so that the Prime Minister’s Office will be reopened on the 19th.

Thai police launched an action called “Valentine’s Day Clearance” on the morning of the 14th to recover the surrounding areas of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior and surrounding areas, administrative centers and surrounding areas occupied by anti-government groups. On the same day, the police only recovered the “People’s Army of the Anti-Thaksin System” in a gathering place in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The clearance process was smooth because the protesters had transferred to other places, and only the tents and sandbags were left in the assembly. The resumption of action by the Ministry of the Interior and the Administrative Center was unsuccessful.

Chalin reiterated on the 15th that the Center for Peace and Order Management will not use violent means to recover the government that was occupied by the anti-government group “the People’s Committee of the Complete Democratic System under the Constitutional System” and other anti-government group demonstrators. Institutions, but this does not mean that the authorities will not arrest Suthep. He said that for its part, the protest leader Suthep can continue to gather until he and the financial people who support him have no money to spend.

The police abandoned the plan to take back the government administration center of Zawatana Road occupied by the demonstrators on the 14th, on the grounds that they were unwilling to have violent clashes with demonstrators that could cause casualties. Chalin said that the police will negotiate with the leaders of the gathering place and take back the government administrative center as soon as possible.

The protest leader Isana, who occupied the government’s administrative center, agreed to negotiate with the police on the 16th to resolve the violent confrontation that may occur during the police’s resumption of the government administrative center. Isana suggested that police representatives going to the negotiations should not wear uniforms because they may be accused of negligence because they were not arrested. Isana is one of the 19 anti-government group leaders wanted by the police.

At present, about 10 police officers and riot police are deployed near the government administrative center, ready to recover the government’s comprehensive office that has been occupied by anti-government groups for more than a month.

The anti-government group <; blockade Bangkok> has been in action for more than a month. Zhalin said that the citizens of Bangkok have stopped their anti-government protests in support of Suthep, and the number of protesters supporting Suthep has begun to decline significantly.

The reporter saw at the Aso intersection in Bangkok, one of the anti-government group gatherings on the evening of 14th, that the road leading to other blocks in Bangkok was still blocked, and the tents built by the demonstrators occupied the previous streets. The assembly stage was built at the center of the crossroads. From time to time, representatives of demonstrators took the stage to give speeches. The reporter walked for more than 10 minutes before finding a way to other neighborhoods.

The Thai anti-government group was bombed at a gathering place in Gelian County, Rayong Province on the evening of the 14th. Four people were injured in the bombing. The injured were sent to Gelian County Hospital for treatment. The explosion also stopped. Five cars and two motorcycles near the protest site were damaged. (End)

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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