Technical cooperation is booming in construction

As a construction technology supplier partner, contractors often benefit to some extent. In some cases, the technology alliance will bring a deep discount to the construction company, while in other cases it will lead to a greater degree of integration between packages. Recently, some manufacturers have announced moving to work with other suppliers and even associations to save time and money to help the construction industry.
In the case of Maxwell Systems, APS, Prussian, Pennsylvania (related builders and contractors), Arlington, Virginia, is a classic example. The two organizations have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. As a result of this collaboration, ABC members will have the opportunity to get resources from Maxwell, including best practice experts, white papers, educational webinars, and more. The goal of organizing together is to help construction companies win more jobs and gain competitive advantage. While this type of partner provides additional resources to understand the technical implementation and best practices of the contractor, other alliances aim to more be combined with other software packages to allow construction companies to save time in business processes.
Yesterday announced, Chad, Utah, Cooperative and Stargate Global Solutions, Austin, Texas, a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) on-premise technology, human capital Management, salary, attendance, financial accounting system.
Ability to integrate a significant amount of time and attendance data gathered in the background with the accounting system from the mobile device at the site contractor can save time and money. AboutTime has integrated more than one hundred different accounting software systems for time and data on attendance, employees, equipment and other projects. This special partnership with Stargate is an interesting one, although it also extends AboutTime’s extension to other industries such as finance.
Despite this, AboutTime continues its focus on the construction industry with its integrated accounting system for many leading buildings. Recent announcements, such as the new FormsXPress and the new pricing structure, allow construction companies to run as many mobile devices as possible to help enable BYOD (with your own device). Take a look at the help of this company to lead the construction industry towards greater data collection through mobile devices in the coming year.

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