Survey says more than 60% of Japanese people are opposed to relaxing arms export restrictions

China News Service February 23rd The results of the national telephone survey conducted by Japan Kyodo News on 22 and 23 show that 66.8% of respondents oppose the relaxation of the principle of prohibiting the export of weapons and related technologies. & rdquo;, significantly more than 25.7% of the pros.

According to the report, this reflects the re-enactment of new principles in the face of Abe’s government plan to relax restrictions, and most voters demand that the government act cautiously. In addition, 65.6% of respondents believe that in order to reach an agreement in the “Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement” (TPP) negotiations, it is also a helpless decision to partially reduce the tariffs on five important crops such as rice and wheat. The number of respondents who agreed was 26.2%.

Regarding the Japanese government and the ruling party discussing the reform of the Board of Education to strengthen the authority of local government heads, 62.4% of respondents expressed affirmation, more than 28.2% of negative attitudes.

Abe’s cabinet support rate was 53.9%, down 2.0 percentage points from the previous survey in January.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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