Stockholm’s minimalist white loft apartment

In the North City, a district of Stockholm, there is a beautiful apartment that has been meticulously restored and refurbished and is now a new home. This special apartment has a fixed price. The style of the apartment is modern and minimalist. However, they still retain some of the original charm decorations. The apartment is also equipped with original floors and original elements such as stucco and double doors. They all have a balcony or terrace design to complement the architectural features and separate kitchen equipment.

All apartments have some or all of the polished, tiled floors. They also have large windows and high ceilings. The loft apartments are especially beautiful. It has an elevator that can enter the apartment. This also benefits from the heating under the floor. The apartment has two large bathrooms and a laundry room, a large kitchen and an open plan space. The living room is spacious with large windows and skylights, and the apartment also has a nice terrace.

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