Spanish restaurant bar

Bar RavalFor Toronto is a new and very interesting addition. This is a Spanish restaurant-style bar by chefGrant van GamerenImagine and PARTISANSDesign. It is unusualArtwork, the boss thinksBar RavalYesAn art restaurant .

The total area of ​​the restaurant is 1980Square feet, it is indeed a building-like sculpture. The hand-crafted steel mesh covers the front and side windows, allowing passers-by to see the real magic of the interior design of the restaurant.
The mahogany mahogany strips form unique furniture that surrounds the walls, revealing a little beauty and elegance. Everything is fluid and subtle, affecting the atmosphere inside the bar.
The ceiling is engraved with warm concave lighting that highlights the bar, walls and everything.
This is a magical interior design, once you walk inside, it is like entering a different world with a unique style.

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