Smart home “new retail”, new concept

With the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

 &emsp The concept of “new retail” was proposed by Ma Yun in 2016, and its core lies in the combination of “online and offline”, which was the product of the “bottleneck” of the business development at the time. In February 2017, Alibaba Group and Bailian Group reached a strategic cooperation and continued to promote the new retail strategy. Subsequently, the two traditional camps of traditional physical stores and e-commerce platforms have entered the new retail circle to test the water. Moreover, with the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

  Smart home businesses have tried new retails
  As we all know, in the past two years, in hardcover delivery Under the policy of renting and selling, the smart home 2B channel landing mode is very popular. In order to land smart home and save energy as soon as possible, most smart home enterprises first choose to cooperate with housing developers, home improvement companies and channel partners to adopt the system engineering project model. Bring smart home products to the home indirectly. However, starting in 2018, the advantages of the new retail model began to show dew, and domestic giants and smart home enterprises began to become players in the new retail model.
  Undoubtedly, driven by the new retail model, the smart home business model is beginning to change. It is no longer limited to the engineering project model. It is invading C in a large-scale retail way. In the current promotion stage of the smart home market, the new retail concept will undoubtedly enable smart home manufacturers to see the combination of online promotion and offline sales, and promote the new method of optimizing and upgrading the line in the commercial dimension.
   In the new retail water test, the purple light of the whole house intelligent route took the lead in opening, as early as last March, Ziguang IOT established the first new retail line ** inspection shop. Subsequently, in a short period of six months, the number of new retail experience stores expanded to 58, and, in cooperation with Suning Tesco, relying on Suning Tesco’s rich online resources, vigorously attacking the new retail market.
   If the first two years, smart home new retail just reveals, then in 2018 can be said to be the first year of smart home new retail, a group of smart home enterprises have gradually entered the new retail market.
   In March of this year, B&Q’s five smart stores in Beijing and Shanghai, B&Thome, opened at the same time. The only selected Oerrebo smart home was built a scene experience wall. Subsequently, the smart store B&Thome began to land in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing. It is expected that this year, the Baianju 100+ smart home experience wall will cover all smart stores.
   In May, the long-established “Millet has a product” opened its first line in Nanjing. It is worth noting that in addition to mobile phones, the experience store also brought together Xiao Ai, Mi Jia robot. As well as the Mijia smart home single product SKU, it can be seen that Xiaomi is also a good user.
   In June, Ou Ruibo opened its first smart home flagship store in Chengdu, which sensationalized the Sichuan home improvement circle; Le Anju signed a cooperation agreement with Chuangshi Real Estate to officially deploy new retail; Huawei released a panic The smart home terminal equipment brand, Huawei’s smart selection, announced that it will open 1,000+ Huawei’s smart line ** check-in stores this year.
   At the same time, the three major telecom operators and their local contractors have also begun to enter the smart home new retail market.
   It seems that the new retail market has become a new battlefield for the “torn” of smart home businesses.
  Can new retail detonate the new navigation of smart home?
   Ma Yun once asserted that there will be no e-commerce platform concept in the future, only the new retail model. When the online e-commerce platform encounters the ceiling, the new retail is undoubtedly a powerful weapon to save the e-commerce in trouble. At the same time, it is also a huge disruptive change for traditional physical stores. For the smart home industry, the new retail also has an important apocalypse, which means that smart home manufacturers through the cooperation with traditional home stores, well-known large chain stores, through these partners’ online and offline traffic resources, and manufacturers The offline smart home experience store combines and then completes the transaction through mobile payment through mobile payment.
  As we all know, in recent years, the scale of the smart home market has repeatedly exploded. According to the prediction of authoritative organizations, the scale of China’s smart home market will reach 200 billion by 2020. Undoubtedly, smart home is a commercial blue ocean to be explored. This is the reason why all smart home enterprises are madly digging for gold. However, it is always a pain point for industry to land. The emergence of the new retail model seems to make smart home enterprises see a breakthrough.
   The experience of the new retail advocacy is the soul of the smart home line. Smart home products are re-experienced products. At present, the smart home market is still in the stage of being educated. It is necessary to push smart home products and systems directly to consumers through online inspection shops, thereby enhancing consumer awareness. This is the most direct and fastest way to promote. The most important thing is that, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the products of the smart home line ** check shop are not only exhibitions, but also showrooms/model rooms, but are replaced into real-life living spaces, users. You can directly play smart products, small scene sets or whole house smart sets.
   In terms of new retail, Xiaomi has products, Ou Ruibo, Ziguang IOT have sample reference value, Xiaomi has the leader to make smart home products to be the best, Ou Ruibo will be single product + system to be unique The demonstrator, and the Purple Lights Association is the leader of the whole house intelligent customization. In short, they will restore the real scene of the smart home scene through the line ** inspection shop, give the customer the ultimate, true line test, truly solve the pain points of traditional home improvement, and thus win the trust of customers. Moreover, with the gradual opening of the smart home ecosystem, smart home products using different communication protocols can be compatible with each other, greatly improving the dilemma of low smart home experience, which is why smart home new retail development is so fast.
   In addition, AI, big data and smart internet technology have brought development opportunities for new retail, helping users to create shopping interaction, marketing accuracy, customer stickiness, insight into consumers through data analysis, and enhancements. Business flexibility and quick response to market changes. For example, many ordinary users come to the offline smart home experience store, the first time may just look at it casually, but if you can realize the real-time perception of user needs, the user may even be able to generate sales for the first time when the user visits the store for the second time.
   Moreover, after consumers experience a smart home brand, they only need mobile payment, and the rest of the services including logistics, installation, and after-sales service do not need to worry about it, so users can save The heart and effort, as a smart home manufacturers can also make money, the same as the provision of traffic services, logistics services, supermarkets, logistics companies can profit from it, can be said to achieve multi-win.
   However, overall, the new retail model of smart home has yet to be improved, the integration of online and offline is not high enough, and the experience needs to be improved. Therefore, the transformation of new retail products in home enterprises is still very A long way to go. Moreover, when companies seek to transform, it is not advisable to make a self-sufficiency, but blindly follow the trend is also very dangerous, smart home enterprises to see the industry and their own shortcomings, to identify their own market positioning. From the current point of view, smart items are the main force of new retail sales, followed by small scene smart sets, and the whole house smart sales conversion is not ideal, but it represents the future direction of smart home.

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