Smart bathroom fights at a low price, a group of companies are on the road to bankruptcy

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Smart The price war in the sanitary ware market started to change from the hot air of the previous two years to the killing of the Red Sea. This is undoubtedly severe and cruel for small and medium-sized enterprises. A group of enterprises without technical support are on the way to bankruptcy. Under such circumstances. Differentiating or arranging a loan may be the best option.

Recently, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Co., Ltd. launched a smart toilet lid & mdash; — Xiaomu smart toilet seat, the market price is only 799 yuan. The Red Rice Campaign, which once made the mobile phone industry tremble, seems to be about to be staged in the bathroom industry. In the words of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company, it is “799 yuan KO”. This undoubtedly sent a song to the current hot smart bathroom market.

Cover: Breaking through 800 yuan, the Red Sea is about to become a bloody sea

Two years ago, the smart bathroom industry was in the limelight, making money so easy that everyone felt that they were standing In the tuyere is blown to the day of the pig. However, now the wind is gone, the pigs are going to land.

On Tmall, the sales price of smart cover has already fallen below 800 yuan. Even for some domestic first-line sanitary ware brands, the sales price of entry-level smart cover has fallen below 1,000 yuan. In terms of international brands, TOTO fell to less than 2,000 yuan, and Panasonic was pulled down to 1,399 yuan. Only Weibao and GROHE, which are taking the high-end route, are still strong. In Jingdong, some smart cards with some brands are sold for only 400 yuan.

Compared with the bathroom brand’s “low price/price reduction, the millet eco-chain “price killing is more lethal. Thanks to the huge brand advantage, the price of 799 yuan, which will penetrate the reserve price, will undoubtedly make the price of the smart cover that has already gone down the road, accelerate the decline, and the cover market will turn into a sea of ​​blood.

At this point, even the Xiaomi Eco-Chain Company did not hide it. “Since the Xiaomi Eco-chain started to produce cost-effective products, the smart toilet industry has also attracted a low price trend. Many friends began to reduce the entry price of the toilet lid to cause more traffic attention.

The same is true. A brand-name company that sells smart covers on recently sold its smart cover from Jingdong. “This price is too uncomfortable! I don’t know how they did it. According to our quality control standards, less than one thousand yuan, we can’t afford it.

Dominoes are falling, and the mobile phone is the best example. After Xiaomi’s entry, he quickly knocked down a large number of domestic manufacturers with low price and high cost performance, successfully seized the market, and the price of smart phones fell, and a large number of mobile phone foundries closed down. This scene may be staged in the field of smart bathroom.

The first to be impacted will be the production of smart covers. At present, there are dozens of enterprises that produce smart cover plates in China. If you count the small workshop-style assembly factories, there may be hundreds. These enterprises mostly survive in the form of “OEM”, which provides OEMs with intelligent cover for sanitary wares. The profits are meager and supported by shipments.

Xiaomi’s smart toilet products are also manufactured by Zhejiang’s smart sanitary ware manufacturers. In addition to Yihe Sanitary Ware, there are news that several mainstream smart bathroom companies in Taizhou are also cooperating with Xiaomi. Under the stirring of Xiaomi’s 799, other sanitary ware brands will continue to lower the price of the smart cover. Whether it is active or passive, the smart cover of 699, 599 or even 499 in the market in the future is a high probability event.

Prices are getting lower and lower, profits are getting thinner, and a group of foundries without core technology are already on the road to bankruptcy. “Don’t go to the cover market sooner or later. The capital chain, the market environment, and the cost of the enterprise itself are controlled. If any problem occurs, the enterprise can easily do it. Some people even predicted that in the near future, the cover-up factory will be closed down in batches. Even if it is a foundry company that is a big ship of Xiaomi, the days will not be better. In addition to the low profits of foundry, there are still The risk of Xiaomi withdrawing the order.

One machine: 1999 open, 1799, 1699 followed up

Smart cover “floor price may not be enough to hurt the nerves of bathroom companies, after all, most bathroom companies All are based on intelligent ones, and the share of the cover is not large. However, the trend of the price of one machine has made the bathroom companies feel chilly.

There are not many smart ones on the market that sell for less than 2,000 yuan. Even the mainstream sanitary ware brand, the price of the promotional smart toilet has dropped below 2,000 yuan, or in the early 2000 yuan. In mid-June, the well-known domestic sanitary ware brand A spoke to another well-known sanitary ware brand in China. The reason was that A launched a more than 2,000-unit all-in-one machine, which caused them a lot of trouble.

“ Small brands pull prices, we don’t care, after all, they have to survive, and they can’t affect us. But the A brand is the same echelon brand with us. Pulling the price so low is not to mess up the market? A person in charge of the B brand is not at fault.

The real worry is still behind. The home appliance system Panasonic’s intelligent all-in-one machine has arrived. Some industry insiders have revealed that Xiaomi is also stepping up its progress. If there is no accident, the millet machine will be available for sale in the second half of the year, and the price may not exceed 1600 yuan.

& ldquo; Xiaomi is a company that never fights price wars. When it comes up, it only sells the cost directly and directly costs half of it. This model is almost in a rowThe industry will cause an avalanche effect. Why? Because the Internet environment we grew up with assumes that the other party is not working. When the narrow road meets, the brave wins. Four years ago, Lei Jun’s speech at the Shenzhen IT Leaders Summit was still ringing in his ears.

The pricing of Xiaomi smart one machine is still unpredictable, but according to Xiaomi’s consistent style, it should not let everyone “disappointed, whether it is a mobile phone or a smart speaker, you can find a realistic case. In March of this year, Xiaomi launched the small love speaker mini to hit the market at a price of 169 yuan. Then, during the rice noodle festival, the price was adjusted to about 100 yuan, and the booking volume exceeded 1 million units. Such a “routine, bathroom companies can not follow up, after all, millet has hundreds of millions of “rice powder support.”

For the sanitary industry, the biggest problem of Xiaomi’s full entry may not be to seize market share, but based on Xiaomi’s price strategy, which will make more and more consumers think that smart bathroom The product is probably worth the price, and the price of Xiaomi will become a reference standard. If Xiaomi sets a price in the low to the low, most of the security companies may have to follow up, sales and profits are double squeezed, and Xiaomi relies on its brand and a large fan base, and can rely on sales to ensure profits.

In addition, in addition to Xiaomi’s head, “the wolf, the beauty of this big” tiger has not seen any further big moves. However, with the mid-October last year, Midea’s first smart toilet cover after the acquisition of Toshiba, there are already a number of Toshiba smart toilet covers on Tmall. In the future, will the United States blow the horn and fully enter the smart bathroom?

Some analysts say that the smart bathroom market in the future will at least be hit by the triple impact of the home appliance industry: the high-end market has Panasonic and the mid-end market. Midea, the low-end market has millet, they will be comprehensively attacked in multiple dimensions of brand, channel, product and price. The bloody situation of the smart bathroom industry is inevitable.

How can I rush out?

There is no way to do low prices. It seems that every company is talking about this, but most companies are turning around in such a strange circle. You don’t do it, others will do it, so you have to do it. The low price killing makes the company itself very uncomfortable, but if you give up this market, the consequences are very serious, the high-end products will not go up, the low-end products will not be done, and the whole brand will be marginalized.

Even more troubling is that homogenization is more violent than expected, from function to appearance and even to propaganda language. At the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show this year, the cover plates or one-piece machines exhibited by hundreds of sanitary ware companies all gave people the feeling of deja vu, even the foam cleaning function that was previously considered to be a gimmick.

Wu Bo, who is also a smart bathroom, deeply feels the harshness of the current smart bathroom market: “Everyone is undressing, drying functions, and spelling prices. The smart bathroom market is like a slaughterhouse. The thousand-yuan low-end smart toilet (cover) market is already in the Red Sea. If you want profits to be differentiated and go to the high end, you can see who is running fast! If you have been based on low-end and low-margin, the company does not have enough Profitability supports R&D, and it will be defeated in the long run and harvested.

However, the brand and the high-end market are like two mountains, pressing a group of sanitary companies to breathe. Domestic smart bathroom companies, Hengjie, Jiumu, Huida, Wrigley, Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, Hilkang, etc. are all making high-end and firmly stick to their market position.

But for a large number of other small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies, high-end and brand reputation still have a long way to go, and differentiation or grouping may be the best choice. Because in this cold red sea, few brushes will be drowned alive, and more and more companies will fail or close down.

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