Skateboard ramps set sail on Lake Tahoe

There was a floating skateboard ramp on Lake Tahoe next to the state park in California, which attracted the attention of the world. This skateboard ramp weighs about 7,300 pounds and is loved by the professional athlete Bob Burnen. Bob Burnquist and his team took four days to build and successfully set sail on Lake Tahoe.

Brazilian-born Bob Burnquist is a California-based company called California. Members of the non-profit organization, this design is part of the dream California travel event, the design is intended to drive the enthusiasm of visitors, “fantasy is life”, “let dreams come into reality”.
Bob Burnquist said in the video of the project: “What I do every day is to be a dreamer.” I will try all kinds of great dreams and work hard to achieve it. & ldquo;
Miami Art Director Jerry Blohm designed a wooden structure with one-half of the ramp horizontal and a 45-degree ramp on the slide.

He fixed the ramp on a floating platform and used engineering techniques to make sure it didn’t sink. The ramps are painted in different colors and appear to be horizontal stripes. After the construction is completed, we can see that the 7,300-pound slope is firmly fixed on the water in the Happiness State Park.
When it comes to installation, Jerry Blohm revealed that the ramp was transported to the surface for four hours, about 4 nautical miles.

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