Simple design with modern elements

The term modern refers generally to furniture and fabric accessories that do not require additional decoration, with fewer features, emphasis on space and simple styling. Several modern design boutiques appeared in the first 50 years of the 20th century, and their designers include Charles · Ames and Arn · Jacobson, etc. These works are still extremely popular and popular.
This is also the time when the architects Mies · Fan · De · Roe’s "less is more than" concept created with the simplicity of the wall, the neat environment and the quiet atmosphere The expression of neo-modernism (the best mitigator for a tense and busy life) is closely related. Because space and light are the most important components. The appearance of the attic actually sums up the essence of modern interior design. Commercial buildings that have recently been converted into apartments have also attracted industrial materials such as exposed bricks, cement and galvanized steel. If you want to get this look in smaller rooms and homes, you need to reduce the amount of it. Use light-toned walls, unadorned floors and minimal window coverings to keep these things light. White or neutral tones, lighter woodwork, and extensive use of glass will help in this style.

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