Sichuanese artisan Xu Xiaohong walked into the French presidential palace, and “Yinba” ranked the best restaurant in the world.

On December 3, from Chengdu, the founder of Yinba Restaurant, Xu Xiaohong, a Sichuanese artisan, led his team to the Elysee Palace in the French Presidential Palace and received a cordial interview with the French President, Brigitte. . In the selection of 1000 outstanding restaurants in LA LISTE, France, Silver Bar ranked 328th in the world and 16th in Chinese food. It ranked first in the three restaurants in Sichuan, and also made Sichuan cuisine truly stand on the world. stage.

France Presidential Lady Brigitte accepts gifts from the team of the Yeba team

2019LA LISTE International Food Rankings,

The world’s first large-scale restaurant selection and release

LA The LISTE was initiated by the French senior politician, then the French Foreign Minister’s Fabius Initiative, the French Tourism Commission’s President Faure, and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported the global foundation based on hundreds of food guides around the world. The list of the most outstanding 1000 restaurants. The so-called list of the list “.

In the LA LISTE 2019 list, two restaurants ranked first with 99.75 points. One is the Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris, which has won the championship for three consecutive years; another restaurant is located Le Bernardin restaurant in New York. Judging from the number of restaurants in the top 1000, Japanese food is once again leading, with 148 Japanese restaurants on the list. The number of Chinese catering companies has increased by 20 compared with 2018, with 143 results being second only to Japan, and France being ranked third with 116.

“The recognition of the best restaurants

It’s not just that the dishes are delicious and simple.

The world’s best 1000 restaurants recognize that it’s not just a simple dish. If the Michelin restaurant’s assessment pays more attention to the taste and innovation of the dishes, and the Michelin official judges, then the LA LISTE consideration is more comprehensive, and also accepts judges from global chefs and customers.

In general, LA LISTE’s best restaurants in the world go through the following six steps:

Step 1: The committee is on the list of hundreds of food guides and online reviews worldwide. Choose from thousands of restaurants, including reviews of restaurant wine lists, services and atmosphere.

Step 2: Each restaurant’s review score is converted into a score of 0 and 0 depending on the position in the guide.

Step 3: The organizer asked 150,000 restaurant operators and scored thousands of chefs’ trust ratings on these guidelines, ranging from 0 to mdash; 10 to establish the weight of these guidelines.

Step 4: Calculate the rating of each alternative restaurant based on the review scores and weights, which is 75% of the final score.

Step 5: The committee integrated an online customer review score for all of the alternative restaurants, which accounted for 25% of the final score.

Step 6: Rank based on the final total score.

The silver team will receive a photo

Founded only for two years

“The highest level of Chinese food on the Yinba Restaurant is on the 16th.

On the evening of December 3rd, it was held by the LA LISTE international food list and the world was outstanding in 2019. 1000 restaurants list was announced and the award-winning restaurant and chef’s awards ceremony, from Chengdu, “Jinba Restaurant stood on the 328th place in the world and the 16th place in the Chinese food”, and the high prize, together with the “Yinba” There are also domestic and international famous food and beverage brands such as Jinghua Pavilion, Dadong, Macao 8 Restaurant and Quanjude.

It should be noted that the “Jinba Restaurant” located in Xinglong Lake and Handan Town of Chengdu was only established for two years, and “Yinba Restaurant” as an entity even appeared in the name “Yinba” At the beginning, it was still a vain existence. It was only the name of a team participating in the 2016 Rotterdam 8th China Culinary World Competition. After winning the gold medal in one fell swoop, the BBC reporter asked the address of the restaurant in the interview. As the team leader, Xu Xiaohong, who is known as the Sichuan vegetable trader, realized that he could not provide it at all, so he decided to put it on the floor.

Abain Ducasse and the godfather of the French cuisine.

Today’s “Yinba Restaurant” is a fusion of Western and Sichuan cuisine. It is not only a restaurant, but also a carrier of the Sichuan flavor. Chuanwei is a combination of tradition and fashion, and it is a product system of “hybrid.” The garden at the door is covered with green layers of herbs such as mint and musk, and the Michelin open kitchen in the store presents the most delicious ingredients in front of the diners. The Himalayan rose salt plate interacts with Iberian ham from Spain, and the yellow on the stoveThe goldfish head with hand-made gluten erupts with a seductive scent.

Xu Xiaohong once said: My chef has to have the elements of the kitchen, the menu of the scrolls, the creative shape of the rolling pin, the elaborately decorated kitchen utensils, the lamps and lanterns, the chic and elegant silver bar Warm atmosphere and life style.

At the LA LISTE gourmet list dinner in France, Xu Xiaohong, a Sichuanese artisan, gave a speech as the representative of the award-winning Chinese food, and presented the bamboo bowl with a Sichuan element carefully prepared by Yinba to the French Prime Minister. Mark Long’s wife Brigitte · Mark Long. At the same time, he also communicated with the Yinba team and the French godfather Alain Ducasse.

The Yinba team at the French Presidential Palace

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