Seaweed can be used to build a house

Not all innovations in building materials come from the discovery of new materials. In reality, many building materials are rediscovery of traditional materials before industrialization, some of which may be forgotten for a long time.
The Danish island construction company designed a new house, almost entirely made up of bundled seaweeds. The modern seaweed house was built to appeal to people to pay attention to a traditional material that has been historically important and has not yet disappeared. It is seaweed. In ancient times, our ancestors used it to build their own houses.
Seaweed cladding exhibits many important features such as durability, sound insulation, thermal insulation, protection against rain and pests. The algae house was built using an external wall made up of pillars wrapped in local narrow seaweed and a roof-knitted reticulated algae. In fact, for some seaside cities, this is a good way to use the ancient but very practical materials of seaweed. If it can carry out large-scale production and development, it will also have a stimulating effect on the local economy. Will not damage the environment.

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