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With the rhythm of people’s life now, you can love yourself at work after work in the evening. The comfortable bath in the bathroom of the unique and ingenious bathroom is the most enjoyable. So what brand of sanitary ware should I choose when designing a bathroom? Then, let Xiaobian recommend the top 10 brands of sanitary wares, and which brands of sanitary wares are good. I hope I can help you and choose a suitable bathroom.
Top 10 brands recommended for sanitary ware

Brand recommendation (1): Whale bathroom

Whale Whale Sanitary Ware was founded in 1994, focusing on the production of sanitary products for many years. Its products are sold in 107 countries including the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Spain and Japan. Its brand quality, design concept and so on are all good choices for consumers.

Brand recommendation (2): Faenza

Faasa Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong, the company specializes in producing bathtubs It is well known in the industry for its products such as bathroom cabinets, hardware accessories, and porcelain tiles and exterior wall tiles. The water-saving toilet of Faenza sanitary ware has won many awards such as “China Innovation Design Award” (Red Medal) and “China Top Ten Bathroom Brand”.

Brand Recommended (3): Eagle Bathroom

Eagle Bathroom is One of the oldest and most powerful brands in China. Its company has won the favor of consumers with ultra-clean washing, no-rinse, faucet water-saving and faucet anti-scalding design.

Brand Recommended (4): Hengjie bathroom

恒洁Sanitary Ware is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise focusing on sanitary ware for 15 years, and is a distant leader of national independent brands. Adhering to quality and quality, five-star service, and online marketing have been well received.

Brand Recommendation (5): American Standard

American Standard was founded in 1861 in New Jersey, USA, is a century-old the company. In 1984, its products were introduced into the Chinese market, becoming the top sanitary ware brand in foreign countries that entered the Chinese market. Through more than 20 years of hard work, there are more than 350 specialty stores in China.

Brand recommendation (six): Summit

Samite Sanitary Ware Company’s products are designed according to the romantic style of European bath culture. The shape design is fashionable, noble and exquisite. The materials are healthy and environmentally friendly. Samit sanitary ware is also one of the well-known sanitary ware brands in China.

Brand recommendation (7): Moen

Moen Sanitary Ware is located in the United States, is one of the world’s leading professional sanitary ware products manufacturing company. Moen with its superb technology, advanced technology The product is loved by users all over the world and enjoys a high reputation.

Brand recommendation (eight): Ouda

Ouda Sanitary Ware was established in 2002 in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Its main assembly products are: Shower room, glass basin, hardware machinery, etc. The company has been recognized by the industry with professional technical team, product quality and company integrity.

Brand Recommendation (9): Mohist

Moh is a Chinese fashion original bathroom brand, walking in the foreword of fashion trends, is a newly established soon The brand that the media cares about. Its products are only sold online, and are favored by young people.

Brand Recommended (10): East Union

Donglian Sanitary Ware Located in Nan’an, the hometown of plumbing in Fujian, the company specializes in producing sanitary ware for more than ten years. The company adheres to the core concepts of “Technology, Energy Saving, Comfort and Safety” and is one of the domestic manufacturers with complete specifications, large scale and good reputation.

Editor’s note: The brand recommendation of sanitary ware is introduced here. I believe that everyone knows about the bathroom brand. You can choose one of the above sanitary wares to purchase according to your favorite style. I hope the above content will help everyone.

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