Russian Nava residential building, flexible glass elements

The project is situated on the right bank of the Neva River in front of the Smolny Abbey in the modern Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg. Previously located only a part of the damaged industrial building, between the kuschelev-besborodko palace and the foreground garden of the piscarevski foreground, the famous Russian artist Alexandre Neva once lived here. The building has been refurbished and transformed into a versatile business centre with an area of ​​30,400 square meters.

The new building was designed specifically for the artist Naiva, especially he The dramatic design makes the Russian culture and art part of the world famous diagelev of the Russian season.
Floor-to-ceiling glazing is a combination of transparent glass elements in the construction of aluminum rails spanning the entire façade as a substructure. The street course at the place of the curved building is held a little at the height of the insulated glass facade façade. The “front facade” behind this is the elevator installation.

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