Russian investigation: 74% of Russians do not support the return of Russian-Japanese disputed territories

Choose the island town (Vision China)

Overseas network December 3, according to the Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun report, the current situation in Russia about the return of Japanese disputed territory still exists. Very controversial. The results of the Russian public opinion survey show that it does not support “return the disputed territory” to the Japanese population as much as 74%.

The Russian independent opinion polling agency published a survey on the disputed territories on November 30th. According to the survey results, 17% of the respondents to the return of the disputed territory in Japan answered “up to 74% of the support”. For Japan-Russia relations, 61% of the responses were “very good”, which was 13% higher than last year. Therefore, it can be said that although Russia’s goodwill toward Japan is improving year by year, the public opinion against the return of Japanese disputed territories is still strong.

A Russian expert said: “Now the disputed territorial issue has concentrated on the concerns of the world. It is still difficult for Russia to make concessions on the disputed territory. ”

On February 7, 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the Northern Territory Day rally and asked Russia to return “Northern Four Islands” (Vision China)

On November 14, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Singapore, he said to Putin that based on the “Japan-Soviet Joint Declaration” signed in 1956, the two countries should resume diplomatic relations after the war and put the South Kuril Islands ( The Sedan and the Tooth Dance islands of the four northern islands were returned to Japan. Japan will also set up US military bases on these two islands under the Japan-US Security Treaty.

But Abe and Putin have a big gap in their position on the ownership of these four islands. Earlier, the Russian side also said that it could not believe Japan. After returning to the two islands, there might be a US military base there. Japanese media said that Japan and Russia have a long way to go to resolve the territorial issue.

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