Rococo presented the “new species” design to the 14th ICIF sub-meeting

On May 10th, the 14th Cultural Fair Landmark Design Capital Creative Industry Park branch venue theme event was held at the Noodle Design Capital Creative Industry Park & ​​mdash; Shenzhen Rococo Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rococo). With the theme of “New Opportunities in Xinwan District”, the event will implement the national strategy of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, deepen the leading innovation, synergy area, focus on creative design and technology industry radiation capacity of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, and implement ““ The development strategy of the common cultural construction of the countries along the Belt and Road.

The event is divided into the opening ceremony of the design industry creative industry park branch meeting and the 2018 Shenao Creative Week Shenzhen Station Conference, the Cross-border Integration Development Summit Forum, the Design Capital Park 10th Anniversary Retrospective, Rococo ( delivered a speech on “Innovative Design and Future” on the Cross-border Convergence Summit Forum, with a number of black technology products and urban cultural design series products.

Rococo Cross-Border Convergence Development Summit Forum

In the Innovation · Fusion · Leading Cross-Border Convergence Development Summit Forum, Rococo Innovation Design Group Partners, Mr. Chen Xiping, General Manager of Shenzhen Luo Keke, brought — “Innovative Design and Future” to share.

Mr. Chen Xiping said: “To create a world of change, we are in an era full of opportunities. The times are changing rapidly, artificial intelligence drives the new imagination of technology, the new imagination of mobile payment-driven business model, the 5G standard drives the new imagination of the Internet of Everything, and the Belt and Road strategy drives the new imagination of globalization.

 Innovative design is increasingly becoming the driving force of industrial upgrading, the core advantage of corporate competition, & ldquo; The ubiquitous Rococo design is constantly exploring the future, through "people · text · · City innovation, design, creation, opening the Luoke Industrial Park program, driving urban industrial upgrading, bringing more beautiful changes to our lives and the world.

Rococo’s theme roundtable dialogue on cross-border integration

After the forum is over, Ding Wei, Chairman of the Macao Cultural Promotion Association, Xu Min, Vice President of Shenzhen Easy Joint Venture Management Co., Ltd., Liao Tianyou, General Manager of Shenzhen Yuanchuang Shangpin Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Partner of Rococo Innovation Design Group, General Manager of Shenzhen Rococo Chen Xiping conducted a round-table dialogue. Mr. Chen Xiping said: “Rococo ( insists on design innovation, builds urban construction under imagination, and designs to build a technological innovation in Dawan District!

A variety of black technology products are attracting hot discussions from domestic and foreign representatives

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area is the nation-building world As an important international space for scientific and technological innovation, Shenzhen Rococo, as the center of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, radiates Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, won 12 iF design awards in 2018, and 14 red dot design awards. During the period, we will showcase cultural products and smart black technology products from various cities. Pinzhi with 1S robot, Ibot child companion robot, Leju intelligent robot, Keda News Feixiao translation machine, Xiaoya AI speaker, Sakura automatic fingerprint lock, the Palace Museum series of cultural and creative products and other leaders from all over the country to exchange and study.

In-depth communication and delegation visits across the country

Shenzhen Rococo received Jinan during the event Delegations from the delegation, the Gansu delegation, the Macao delegation, the African delegation, the Lianyungang delegation, the Xinjiang delegation, the Beijing delegation, the Wuxi delegation, the Henan delegation, and the Ningxia delegation Communicate and learn.

Among them, the Keda Newsfeiyi translation translator designed by Shenzhen Rococo was highly praised by the Xinjiang delegation. The language barrier is often a major problem in cross-border communication. The general manager of Shenzhen Rococo Design in this event Mr. Chen Xiping presented the skills of the Uighur language Chinese translation in time to the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and the Minister of Propaganda Department. The response was quick and accurate, and the effect was comparable to simultaneous interpretation! The design of the Xiaoyi translation machine follows the people-oriented, through the right The grasp of man-machine and interaction, combined with the most intelligent voice conversion system, to achieve fast and accurate translation between different languages. At the same time, Rococo also designed its exterior to make it compact and lightweight, and it can be carried around to create a real pocket translation machine!

Design changes life, innovation brings endless possibilities for life, future city Life will be more convenient, smarter and more human. Founded in 2004, Rococo has developed from an industrial design company into a powerful international integrated innovation design group for 14 years. It inherits the concept of creativity is water, opens up new tracks, builds a shared design platform for product innovation – Luo Ke, build The design matrix system, together with many innovative companies, brings innovative products that are smarter, more convenient and safer. In the future, Rococo will continue to use innovative design to solve the pain points of urbanization, design, innovate and cross-border cultural creativity, intelligent technology and life aesthetics, base on the cultural innovation design industry, create better design products, and promote the construction of future cities. The creation and upgrading of smart life.

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