Research says that high-speed airflow slows down or causes abnormal weather in many countries, February 17th Comprehensive foreign media reported that in recent years, many countries have encountered extreme weather, the United States “snow and dry two days”, the British storms, Russia warm winter. Some scholars suspect that the abnormal weather is related to the rising temperature in the Arctic, slowing down the high-speed airflow around the world, and pointing the finger at global warming, describing this phenomenon as “Santa Claus revenge”. Studies have pointed out that slower high-speed airflows allow extreme weather to stay longer in the relevant areas, or explain why the United States experienced a colder and longer winter this year.

High-speed airflow, also known as jet airflow, is a high-speed airflow belt around the earth of exponential bars, concentrated at the top of the troposphere, affecting the weather everywhere. The high-speed airflow is mainly driven by the temperature difference between the Arctic and mid-latitude regions. The greater the temperature difference, the faster the speed will be, and the airflow path will become more straight. On the contrary, the smaller the temperature difference, the slower the airflow speed will be, and the route will be wavy, just like the river channel. The water flow is not in a hurry, and the river water needs to detour when it encounters obstacles.

Waves increase the damage

Scientists mentioned at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) last week that the Arctic temperature is rising faster than anywhere else in the world. Two to three times faster, the temperature difference between the mid-latitude and the mid-latitude is greatly narrowed, which may be the cause of extreme weather.

The study pointed out that the high pressure caused the rain cloud to blow away from California, causing drought in the area. The wavy high-speed airflow passes over the southern and eastern shores of the United States, bringing a blizzard. After the high-speed airflow storm left the American continent, it became warmer and drier when crossing the Atlantic Ocean, bringing heavy rain to the UK, causing flooding.

Extreme weather is more common

Francis, a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said that the theory is consistent with the reality and increases the credibility of the statement. Think extreme weather may be more common. However, she stressed that the rapid warming of the Arctic is only a matter of more than 10 years. It has not been proven to be related to global warming. It should not be determined too early.

The UK continued to be hit by a storm, killing at least three people. In the south, flooding, Prime Minister Cameron warned that the water level would continue to rise and ordered the authorities to fully rescue the disaster.

The blizzard was blown to the northeastern United States the day before, and the US National Weather Service predicted that it could record 35.5 cm of snowfall in eastern Massachusetts. Boston is waiting, and Mayor Walsh announced the deployment of more than 600 snow trucks, trucks and other equipment.

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