Remake the classic movie stills De old man role-playing calendar hot (Figure)

Remake the classic movie stills, the old role-playing calendar is hot (picture)

The 86-year-old ERNA RUTT and the 81-year-old ALFRED KELBCH dressed up as the heroine in the movie “Titanic”

The picture shows the 84-year-old INGEBORG GIOLBASS and 88-year-old ERICH ENDLEIN dressed as a character in the film “Seven Years of Itching”

Old people in a nursing home in the Essen region of Germany with the help of professional stylists, photographers and related organizations , too full of star addiction. They dressed up as heroes and heroines in the film, remake movies such as the classic scenes in “007 Series” and “Titanic”, and made them into the 2014 calendar.

It is reported that the oldest of these old people are 98 years old, but they are not old-fashioned. The performance in the filming process is not lost to professional models, and their own blooms ; Youth & rdquo; and & ldquo; beautiful & rdquo;. In an interview, they all said that they were able to dress up as their favorite movie characters and take photos. At present, the calendar of this remake of classic movie stills is very popular in Germany.

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