Putin and Merkel talk on the latest developments in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel on the afternoon of the 23rd to discuss the latest developments in the situation in Ukraine.

The Russian President’s website published a brief message on the same day: “The Russian President and the German Chancellor discussed the latest developments in the situation in Ukraine. Merkel congratulated Putin on the successful hosting of the Sochi Winter Olympics and congratulated the Russian athletes on their achievements. ”

The message said that the call was based on the German proposal.

According to the Russian news agency, German government spokesman Sebate announced in Berlin that Merkel and Putin agreed in the same day that Ukraine should maintain its territorial integrity. Establish a government with capacity as soon as possible. The two sides stressed that both countries hope that Ukraine will achieve political and economic stability.

Sebate said that Merkel and Putin agreed to continue to maintain close communication on the Ukrainian situation in the future.

Since the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated again, Russia and Germany have communicated frequently. On the 18th, the most serious violent clashes occurred in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the past three months. On the 19th, Putin and Merkel telephoned and expressed their most serious concern about the sudden escalation of the domestic confrontation. The two sides advocated urgent measures to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.

On the 21st, Ukrainian President Yanukovych signed an agreement with the opposition leaders to end the violent conflict in the past few days. On the 22nd, the situation in Ukraine changed suddenly, the opposition announced the control of the situation, and Yanukovych was forced to leave Kiev. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov telephoned German Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the 22nd and expressed serious concern over the U.S. opposition’s failure to implement the agreement signed on the 21st. He asked the German side to exert influence on the Ukrainian opposition to allow it to immediately implement the agreement. On the 23rd, the Ukrainian parliament passed a decision to be held by the Speaker of the Parliament, Turchinov, before the new presidential election and sworn in. (Reporter Hu Xiaoguang)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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