Plywood cat castle as a DIY idea

Kities like to have their own hiding place because they are playful and active at all times. So buy a cat, when you need to find ways to make your pet, do not bother you. You have to reorganize your entire place, your cat or add some cute games and cat space in your home, DIY ideas are a good idea. Take a look at this cat castle, which will make your cat feel like a royal family. The castle is made of textiles and it is easy to cut out the entire stencil and assembly. You can basically create any type of castle you want, and most importantly, it has a lot of small entrances where your cat can enter and take a look. Some windows can be placed in the castle to allow your cat to climb and enjoy the view.

Plywood cat castle” width=”550″ height=”413″ src=”/Upload/Other/jc2014110703.jpg” />

With soft materials, your cat will feel that it will sleep and play in a comfortable place. So, if you think this is an awesome idea, don’t hesitate to build one of yours. Cool cat castle. So, to build a castle like this, you only need plywood and carpet.

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